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Author: Hector III
Date: Sep 14, 2006
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Date: Sep 14, 2006
Text: Hector III

That is the traditional saying to show the world that we are proud of being Mexicans.
Here we have lots of history, the most shocking towns, mountains, pyramids, and of course the most friendly people all around the world.
On the other hand we have the memories of many ancestors, the better known are The Mayas people who use to live in beautiful places like dense jungles, coast, rivers, islands and lakes in Yucatan, Quintana Roo and around this states, but somehow they disappear one day letting this planet behind, and no sight about were they went.
if you at City dont forget to visit the National Museum Of Anthropology And History to find out more about old cultures and Gods.
Once here you can choose, from virgin to the most fun and outgoing beaches like Acapulco (Guerrero), Cancun (Quintana Roo), Vallarta (Guadalajara), where often psy-trance festivals take place.
We have quiet, hard, relax, workers, and the funniest rave addicts you have ever meet.
From south to north board you can find amazing psy and trance gatherings, taking place in any kind of locations like mountains, forest, islands, deserts, beaches, old houses, roofs, chinampas, penthouses, lakes, water parks, and more. psy trance parties still underground, trance parties no at all.
Placed at city, maia records is the most known worldwide label, they do once a year The time and space festival with many international lives and lots of happy trancers.
Then surrounded of National History we have psyclon in Puebla, and others smalls records like catalyst.
Producers like deliria, ommix, kuira, ultra Mex, massive trance are the mains, as well we have many small but importants party producers teams.
365 days is cool to travel here although best months are between octuber till april, next months climate may be rain or hot, but parties still running.
We enjoy biggest parties, but sometimes managers have no consideration in what they said under this situations keep mad guys control its hardest, (despite this trances now select more carefully where to go) but when there is chance for everyone to get in, passion and strong vibrations feelings take your mind away immediately.
The Trance-it monthly magazine update own scene, you should look for its only $10 pesos or even free.
Xivalva, d-tek, vazik, ecliptic, teen sluts, are the main live acts, also own dj’s play really nice.
Tripping Mexico is just wonderful.
thanks to Sam for let us write this to you.
Gracias amigos.


Touristic states

Quintana Roo

Hector III
Flying with you.
ultra Mex

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