Author: Aurora
Date: Jun 16, 2006
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Date: June 16, 2006
Text: Aurora

Aurora comes from the wild and frozen north of Sweden, the land of flying moose and home-brewed vodka (apparently one can‚t exist without the other ;-). Her early musical interests were in Punk, Ska and Skate. This basically says it all about her formative years and what she has become now ;-)

She went to visit Amsterdam in 1999 and ended up staying there for 4 years, it was there that she discovered Psytrance at the legendary parties at the Elf squat. She fell in love with it because the music had the same power and energy as what she was listening to before, but what made the experience that bit more special was the atmosphere and culture of the crowd. She decided to start DJ\'ing, so she bought some cd decks from a friend and hasn\'t looked back since. She has an instinctive ear for the music and a natural technique (for mixing!), as well as a woman\'s intuition for reading the dance floor. Aurora likes to play music that keeps you bouncing with a smile on your face. She\'ll play the music that most suits the dance floor at the time, full on or progressive, it doesn\'t matter; it just depends on what the crowd wants at the time. The one thing that she will bring to her sets every time is the sense that you\'ve been taken on a journey without leaving the dancefloor.

Fia has played alongside such artists as Son Kite, Dimitri, Hux Flux, Polaris, Ecliptic, Rastaliens, Stella Nutella, Fractal Glider, Dick Trevor, and many more (and at festivals such as Fusion). Fia (aka Aurora) has played gigs in Holland, Goa, Australia, England and Sweden. She is based in Bristol, UK (also travels back to Sweden regularly). Aurora plays all kinds of psychedelic trance music, depending on; line up, demands, time slot and location. She is just as happy to play for a smaller, more intimate party as for a larger more commercial party. Fia was asked by Maia Records to represent their label in the UK, and has already been doing so in a great fashion. She is also available to be booked for back to back dj sets with Lurk (BooM!recs / Sonic Dragon Recs).

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