Vibrasphere - Landmark CDS

MPDQX/Digital Structures, March 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Mar 23, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Vibrasphere
Title: Landmark
Label: MPDQX/Digital Structures
Format: CDS
Released: March, 2006


After over 3 years of waiting since their last album \"Lime Structure\", the Swedish duo Vibrasphere is now finally on the brink of releasing their 3rd album \"Archipelago\". Almost since their first release 7 years ago, Vibrasphere has been considered among the forerunners of the Scandinavian progressive sound, and in my opinion their 2nd album \"Lime Structure\" is one of the most essential progressive trance albums ever released. Therefore my expectations are very for \"Archipelago\", but luckily Vibrasphere and their label Digital Structures have just released a small CD-single as a teaser for the upcoming album, containing 4 previously unreleased tracks and remixes.

01. Landmark [138 BPM]
The title-track \"Landmark\" opens the single in style. The intro is excellently crafted, starting with some industrial percussion and slowly building tension before the going full throttle after 2 minutes. After that it\'s just pure aural pleasure - after the last couple Vibrasphere releases, which where around 130-132 BPM I was expecting something slower and more subtle, but this is highly euphoric pumping progressive trance of the absolute best kind. Amazing.

02. Reservoir (Antix Remix) [128 BPM]
Up next is the Hayden brothers from New Zealand, who return the Vibraspheres favour of remixing the Antix track \"Forever Changing\" on the \"Twin Coast Remixes\" compilation a few months ago. \"Reservoir\" is from the upcoming album, so I obviously don\'t know how the original sounds, but Antix\' version is definitely very enjoyable. The sound is, like most of the material on \"Twin Coast Discovery\", very soft and gentle, with addictive housey grooves and a trancy big-room atmosphere. Sublime.

03. Emotional Fugitive [135 BPM] *
Like the opener, \"Emotional Fugitive\" also has a very appealing and atmospheric intro, and the track itself is also easily recognisable as Vibrasphere. Not quite as pumping and energetic as the opener, but with an equal amount of stunning pads and heavily reverbed silky-smooth effect. The melodies are more distinct and have a little more euro-trancy edge - without ever getting overly cheesy. Another delicious track.

04. Manzanilla (2005 Mix) *
We go into downbeat territory with the last track, which is Vibraspheres own 2005-version of the classic \"Manzanilla\". \"Manzanilla\" was originally released on the \"Lime Structure\" album, and has since then been played at virtually every psychill around the world. The new version has a lot of new layers, and the general sound is much more detailed - but it is still built upon the famous and easily recognizable acoustic guitar melodies from the original, and I can easily imagine it getting a new \"hit\".

* Note that on the tracklist on the cover and on the CD itself \"Manzanilla (2005 Mix)\" is written as track 3, and \"Emotional Fugitive\" is written as track 4. Obviously the Manzanilla remix is really track 4 though, so I have concluded that a mistake has been made somewhere in the pressing/printing process, and therefore corrected it in the tracklist in my review.

Bottom line:

As if my expectations for \"Archipelago\" weren\'t big enough beforehand, the \"Landmark\" single manages to make them skyrocket. Vibrasphere are simply one of the most impressive acts when it comes to fluid, lush progressive morning-trance, and all 4 tracks here are gems. A thing that also needs mentioning is the cover-art - CD singles are generally not among the prettiest, but the artwork here is a perfect match to the music. Simple, but smooth and very appealing.

If you have liked any of Vibraspheres releases in the last many years, do yourself a favour and buy this release. Another landmark from Vibrasphere and Digital Structures.


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