Various Artists - Lime Light 2

Tribal Vision Records, August 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Oct 22, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Lime Light 2
Label: Tribal Vision Records
Format: CD (jewelcase with 10-page fold out inlay)
Released: August, 2006


When the compilation \"Lime Light\" was released last summer, it was only the 2nd release from the Czech label Tribal Vision, and with it\'s success it helped pave the way for what is now one of the leading labels in the progressive scene. The predecessor, \"Lime Light 2\" has just hit the market, and like the first edition it contains Tribal Visions trademark mix of progressive house and progressive trance which has made the label so popular. Let\'s take a closer look.

01. Roman Rai - Inspiration [127 BPM]
The Czech Roman Rai (or just Rai, as he was called on his first releases) is by now a name a lot associate with Tribal Vision Records, with features on almost a handful of the labels releases so far, and an upcoming album on the way. \"Inspiration\" is a more or less typical Rai-tune - delicate progressive house with very pleasant grooves. Certainly not what you would call peak time material, but charming and positive music for warming up or calming down.

02. Fitalic - Manufactured Miracles [130 BPM]
Fitalic from Holland is a very well-respected name on the progressive house scene with releases on top players like Vapour, Bedrock and Sprout, and he\'s up next with a teaser for his upcoming album to be released on Tribal Vision Records. \"Manufactured Miracles\" is trademark Fitalic-stuff with bouncy, upbeat grooves and a mix of deep, subtle themes and more commercially-acceptable female voice-samples. Massive daytime tune.

03. Ryan Halifax - Give & Get [130 BPM]
From Germany comes the Plusquam-regular Ryan Halifax. I personally have mixed feelings about his music, and often it\'s either hit or miss - \"Give & Get\" is one of his better tracks in my opinion though, with a very metallic progressive house sound incorporating retro house-sounds, a solid groove and a bit of trancy outdoor atmosphere. One of his better track, but compared to the rest of the compilation, it doesn\'t really grab me.

04. Tegma - 50.000 Watts [132 BPM]
The Swedish duo Tegma recently released their 3rd full-length album on Tribal Vision, and so far it\'s been quite a success. \"50.000 Watts\" is a continuation of their new tribal sound, although not with the world-music theme from the album - basically it\'s more straightforward funky, tribal psychedelic fun and the easily recognisable \"50.000 watts of funky house\" voice-sample will definitely cause a few grins on dancefloors here and there.

05. Sonify - Groove Seductive [133 BPM]
Andy Yokavlev from Israel is becoming quite a household name on the psychedelic scene with the projects ProSect, Sound Field, ICO and Sonify, and \"Groove Seductive\" is one of my personal favourites from his housier, more groove-oriented Sonify-project. Running for almost 10 minutes it has lots of twists\'n\'turns along the way, and the sound is quite special - think big-room progressive house, a hint of acoustic guitars, a tiny bit of Israeli melodies and a trendy electro-groove and you\'re pretty much there.

06. Greed vs. Sonic Cube - Divine [127 BPM]
Up next is the Greed and Sonic Cube collaboration \"Divine\", also featured on the latest Greed and Sonic Cube single. This is the Dub mix, which I find slightly better than the Vocal version and it\'s a pretty good tune overall. It doesn\'t really surprise in any way, but does a good job capturing the popular electro-progressive-house sound and it definitely works wonders on the floor.

07. Brisker & Magitman - Strike Back [130 BPM]
The Israeli Brisker & Magitman is definitely an act to look out for. They\'ve had some success with their full on sideproject Elec3, but lately their self-titled progressive house project Brisker & Magitman has caused quite a stir in progressive circles, resulting in releases on labels like Baroque, Method and SOG to name a few. \"Strike Back\" is unfortunately not what I would categorize as among their stronger tunes though - it has a delicious pumping groove, but generally I found it a bit stuck in the same loop. Ok overall, but pales in comparison with some of their other recent releases.

08. Solead - Lay Down [130 BPM]
Solead is another psytrance sideproject who\'s enjoying success in progressive house circles at the moment, and with involvement in projects like Motion,Tetraktys and Triptych Charles and Vincent probably doesn\'t need any introduction. \"Lay Down\" is by far one of their best tracks I\'ve heard so far - it has a quite lazy but very addictive groove, incorporate a bit of rock and electro, and the U2-samples are such a nice touch. A tune to remember.

09. Vibrasphere - Floating Free [134 BPM]
Last but not least is one of my absolute favourite projects, the trance-maestros Vibrasphere, who recently released their 3rd album \"Archipelago\". \"Floating Free\" is another stand-out tune from the Swedish duo - it\'s less full on than some of the material on the new album, with a funkier low end but of course still with the epic trancy Vibrasphere trademark sounds and atmosphere. Great track, and if it hadn\'t been for the slightly over the top male vocals, I would consider it one of their very finest tracks to date.

Bottom line:

It\'s remarkable to see a relatively new label like Tribal Vision Records have such a high mark when it comes to releasing quality music. \"Lime Light 2\" is yet another good release from the Czech label, and although it doesn\'t supply us with anything really groundbreaking or original, it\'s a good indicator of the progressive scene of today: progressive house and progressive trance with a bit of electro thrown in for good measure.

If you have liked any of Tribal Vision Records\' releases so far, pick up \"Lime Light 2\" as well.


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