Goa is not totally dead!!!

Author: g000se
Date: Feb 22, 2006
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I think that the Goa article posted on this website is unfair.
It is right when it says that the parties on christmas eve were closed down but all you have to do is talk to the locals and hangout at chapora etc, to find cheeky little good fun parties out at the more desolate beaches and woodland.
I danced for 21 hours at atleast 3 different parties with thousands of people and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
There were a lot of russians there - bam - those russian girls are super fine. Club Cubana is definately worth a visit
It may not be the mecca of mentalness that it used to be but it is very good fun, just reember that there is no booze tax in Goa - therefore your mojitos only cost pennies - win

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