Chromanova Radio calls for help

Author: Ecki
Date: Feb 16, 2006
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Date: Feb 16, 2006
Text: Ecki - Chromanova

Hello my fellow psytrancers.

lot of you know Chromanova and its fabulous psychedelic trance and ambient webradio.
A lot of work has been invested over the years, and also a lot of private money is involved in keeping this great project alive.

Now that the so called \"music industry\" is openig its jaws more and more, things are getting more drastic.
In Germany the situation is as follows:
All Webradios will have to pay for each stream they make, and they will even have to pay more if you can listen the stream outside of Germany (which in times of the Internet is quite normal...)

So right now they are coming up to Chromanova with a huge bill to pay EVERY (!!!) year.
And until now it is only the GVL (
There still is the GEMA left (all german people know this b.... for sure!)...

Please, any of you listening to the Chromanova Webradio - support NOW - and spread the word to all your friends out in the world.

Help is appreciated - a paypal account has been established.

For more infos (page will update from time to time with newer infos) please visit:

or if you want to listen to the stream (and if you like it - donate )
please visit

With greetings
Ecki - Chromanova

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