Who is Harrygatty?

photographies in trance part 1

Author: joern
Date: Jan 26, 2006
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"Who Is Harrygatty?"

photographies in trance from arround the world


harrygatty´s webpage




date: 01/26/2006

text: Joern Meisterjahn



Hi fellows!

There are a lot of good photographers in our scene. People from all over the world that document our history and remind us of the beauty and emotional times of events. But how can we reach them? where can we find their work. It is still difficult to come into contact. Sure we have reviews of parties and events, but who are the persons behind the pics? Therefore we decided to start up a new platform. From now on we will try to indroduce you once a month to another photographer from our scene. If you are one of those and you want to share your impressions with a hughe crowd, feel free to sent us some of your pics. Dont be shy, you mustn´t be a professional!

Sent your images to:


But enough talking, i hope you like my pics! peace and love, joern




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