Various Artists - Globalize

Flow Records, December 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 19, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Globalize - compiled by Yotopia
Label: Flow
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: December, 2005


After 5 years in the scene, Flow is now undoubtedly one of the most influential progressive psytrance labels. In connection with the labels 5-year anniversary in 2005 the Portuguese label announced 2 new sidelabels; Hyperflow, focusing on more psychedelic full on, and Flow Vinyl, releasing progressive house on Vinyl. The main label Flow still stands strong though, and the newest release is the compilation \"Globalize\", compiled by the Israeli duo Yotopia, who impressed many with their surprisingly fresh and catchy progressive/full on crossover debut-album \"Point Blank\", released early in 2005.

01. Yotopia - Bubbles [128 BPM]
First track is from the Israeli duo Yotopia, who also compiled the CD. While their album contained a fine mix of progressive and full on around 135-141 BPM, \"Bubbles\" is a lot slower and more housey, but still very much with the Yotopia-sound. A bit plastic some might say, but I certainly like it - especially the sweet, naive melodies towards the end of the track. Good opener - especially because of the funky intro which, to me, clearly sounds like it\'s inspired by Michael Jacksons \"Thriller\".

02. Flash Brothers - Past Will Be Future (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [130 BPM]
The hottest German act at the moment, D-Nox & Beckers, take up the task of remixing \"Past Will Be Future\" by the Israeli trio Flash Brothers. Not necessarily a well-known name in psychedelic circles, but certainly an act with a lot of credibility in traditional progressive circles, with releases on labels like Hooj Choons, Bedrock and Release. The result is really enjoyable - not as dirty and funky as some of the German duo\'s later works, but with a more melodic and atmospheric approach. Great track.

03. Ace Ventura - Go With Da Flow [130 BPM]
With previous involvement in Psysex, Yoni Oshrat is definitely one of the most well-respected names on the psytrance scene. In later years he has moved towards the slower, groovier music though, with his electro-project Schatsi and his progressive psytrance project Ace Ventura. His \"Go With Da Flow\" seemed a bit sterile to me at first, but has really grown on me - a deep tribal monster running at 130 BPM, but still with a lot of psygressive flavour. High quality dance floor material.

04. B.L.T. & Morax - Implant (Perfect Stranger Remix) [135 BPM]
Yuli Fershtat is up next with a remix of \"Implant\", made by himself and Morax (one of the guys from Triac). Like most from Yuli, it has a really easygoing vibe with positive melodies, funky, bouncy rhythms and rich percussion, and I can imagine this would go down really well in the afternoon at a party in the outdoors. Well done.

05. Liquid Soul - Transmission [135 BPM]
With releases on Iboga, Plastik Park, DOMO, Sog, Plusquam and Sinn Tec, 2005 has really been a breakthrough year for the Swiss project Liquid Soul. \"Transmission\" has his well-known pumping outdoor festival-sound embellished with some bright, trancy leads and pads. Is it catchy? Yeah - but generally I found this tune pretty cheap and flat compared to some of his other releases lately. Disappointing track.

06. Ryan Halifax - Opposites [130 BPM]
Despite lots and lots of releases, Ryan Halifax never really impressed me with any of his works, and this doesn\'t change with \"Opposites\". What I mostly don\'t like about his sound is that it\'s extremely sharp and flat, and this track is no exception - it lacks depth and punch, and basically I just didn’t connect to it at all. A filler in my opinion.

07. Antix And Rob Salmon - Tame The Beast [130 BPM]
Next track is a collaboration between the famous Kiwi\'s Antix and their countryman Rob Salmon, one of New Zealands more well-known House-DJ\'s. The result is \"Tame The Beast\", and it\'s a real treat - phat and groovy, and with a laidback, yet very positive theme. Excellent stuff for the after-hours - and I can\'t wait to hear the much talked-about remix by André Absolut.

08. Spanner - Pagan Pulse [130 BPM]
\"Pagan Pulse\" is from a new project called Spanner. Behind the project is Wouter Thomassen, who, in my opinion, is one of the most promising producers on today\'s scene, with a very diverse sound ranging from outstanding chillout to progressive psytrance and full on - and now also more house-inspired progressive trance. \"Pagan Pulse\" is simply an outstanding track, despite the low BPM it has a very phat and rolling bassline, and the track is constantly evolving - with the amazing breakdown at 5 minutes as the ultimate highlight. A huge positive surprise.

09. Gaudium - Sonic Substance [134 BPM]
To close the compilation is the Swedish duo Gaudium, who late in 2005 released their debut album \"Nordic Nature\" on Spiral Trax. \"Sonic Substance\" starts extremely promising with a deep and atmospheric intro, but after that I get the same feeling as I did with most of their album: while it sounds ok, I find their music too tedious, and it never really gets interesting. Definitely not bad, but not great either.

Bottom line:

Despite a few mediocre tracks, my overall impression of \"Globalize\" is very positive. Looking at the BPM\'s, some psy-purists will probably get intimidated, but don\'t worry: while there is a good deal of house-inspired tunes, most of the tracks also have a very psygressive touch, making it appeal to both fans of progressive psytrance and progressive house. Overall it doesn\'t reach the same outstanding level as the cream of the crop from Iboga and Tribal Vision, but I still consider it one of the best progressive compilations released in 2005 - and a release that will definitely also hit among DJ\'s and partygoers well into 2006.

A great compilation overall, and in my opinion one of the finest CD\'s Flow has ever released. Well done.


1, 2 (!!), 3, 4, 7 (!!), 8 (!!)




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