Various Artists – Street Art

Tribal Vision, December 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 6, 2006
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Various
Title: Street Art
Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 16-page inlay and DJ-inlay)
Released: December, 2005


In only one year and with 5 releases, Czech label Tribal Vision have already established themselves as one of the most impressive progressive labels at the moment. After a couple of more traditional psychedelic progressive releases, they are back with a new compilation focusing on the more house-influenced club-grooves – just like on the labels 2nd compilation \"Lime Light\", which in my opinion is the labels masterpiece so far.

Before starting on my track by track review, I would also like to mention that, like on all the other releases from Tribal Vision, the whole package just oozes with quality – the artwork is stylish, and the inlay is extensive like always, featuring background info about all the artists involved and a useful case-insert with BPM\'s for the DJ\'s. It\'s a joy to sit with a high quality product like this in the hands, and in my opinion more labels should follow Tribal Visions example – especially in these mp3-days, where it\'s essential that labels provide something extra for those who actually buy their releases.

01. Absolut & Greed – The Other Side [132 BPM]
The two Swiss masterminds André Absolut and Greed team up on the opening track \"The Other Side\". It starts with a relentless, crisp kick, before a phat, growling bassline is added after one minute and from then on the track just lifts and lifts. Not in the hyped up \"hands in the air\" way, but with a more delicate and sophisticated touch. A very solid opener for the compilation; simple, but deep and rocking as hell.

02. Rai – Let’s Dance [129 BPM]
The Czech producer Rai really got his breakthrough with the first 2 releases from Tribal Vision, which where incredibly smooth and pleasant house-groovers. \"Let\'s Dance\" definitely has a little more bite than his earlier tracks on Tribal Vision though, with a super catchy joyful groove, a hint of uplifting melodies and nice, clubby vocals. Another fine creation from this promising Czech producer.

03. D-Nox & Beckers – Jet Lag Slave [128 BPM]
2005 was really the year of D-Nox & Beckers. Beckers was the man behind one of the biggest hits of the year, \"Switch\", and D-Nox has further improved his status as one of the most recuested DJ\'s and producers on the progressive scene. \"Jet Lag Slave\" is a re-release from Baroque Records, and is a tight, electro-inspired funky piece of music, It doesn\'t contain any easily recognizable vocals like on their biggest hits, but is definitely a great tune nevertheless – rocking dancefloor material.

04. Minilogue – Spam [130 BPM]
Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson of Son Kite fame is up next with \"Spam\", a tune made with their Minilogue project, and previously released on the new Swedish label Frosty music. It\'s a quite special tune, with electro-minimal influences in the sound, but also with definite trancy elements in the pads and melodies, while the big breakdown in the middle of the track is accompanied by a sweet, thoughtful sample. The production is of course phat as always, and this is another marvellous track by the Swedes.

05. Sonify - Sonifunk [130 BPM]
One of Israel\'s most hyped artists at the moment is Andy Yakolev, being involved in projects like ProSect, Sound Field and ICO. \"Sonifunk\" is a new track from his more club-oriented Sonify-project, and while it has a nice pounding groove, to me it definitely fails in living up to his \"No More Silence\" hit-collaboration with Threshold Productions. Some way it just feels way over the top (especially the aggressive MC-samples), and doesn\'t fit with the rest of the compilation.

06. SAN & Sebastian Moore - Inceptor [128 BPM]
SAN is one of the bigger artists in the non-psy progressive circles, and my first encounter with his sound was a fantastic remix of Lemon 8 a few years ago. On \"Inceptor\" he\'s collaborating with Sebastian Moore, and while the production seems pretty nice, I must say this track was a disappointment compared to the rest of the compilation. Not bad in any way, to me it just seemed too repetitive and lacking focus and a general \"story\".

07. Sonic Cube – Cloud Buster (André Absolut Remix) [128 BPM]
André Absoluts 2nd contribution to this release is his truly outstanding remix of Sonic Cubes \"Cloud Buster\". I already reviewed it when I received the 12\"-version, and I\'ve been playing it ever since. This track is simply a delight to hear; an ass-shaking straightforward groove sets the pace, while trancy pads, beautiful strings and a wonderful, optimistic melodic theme set the atmosphere. Hands down, this is an outstanding remix.

08. Flowjob – Life Extensions [129 BPM]
The Danish duo Flowjob perhaps isn\'t among the biggest progressive acts at the moment, but relatively unnoticed they have already appeared on compilations from labels like Iboga, Midijum and Tribal Vision. \"Life Extensions\" is another typical tune from them, somewhere between the housey tempo around 130 bpm, but still with a very psychedelic progressive theme of sounds. Very sweet and loveable, uplifting morning tune

09. Vibrasphere – Manzanilla (Jaïa Remix) [135 BPM]
Last but not least is the track that I was looking forward to the most, Jaïa\'s (who in my opinion made the album of the year) remix of Vibraspheres classic downbeat tune \"Manzanilla\". I must admit the track felt a bit awkward at first, but it has really started to grow on me – the adaptation of the memorable guitar-melody to Jaïa\'s crystal clear melodic trance-sound is really something special, and this track is certainly a gem.

Bottom line:

Tribal Vision did it again. While the psychedelic progressive \"Inner Circle\" and Meller\'s \"Rockable\" where quite good, Slater and Schwa simply do an outstanding job on their more house-oriented releases. Ok, there where a few tracks here that didn\'t impress me that much, but it\'s amazing how a label only 1 year old, can release music of such outstanding quality overall – with half of the compilation being absolute winners.

It\'s hard not making this sound like a promotional text, but in a time where new labels start almost daily, Tribal Vision is one of the few new labels that truly stand out. Not only with superb music, but also in being professional in almost every aspect of their release – it\'s labels like these that people should support by buying their releases.

For the DJ, the home listener and everyone in between, \"Street Art\" is one of 2005\'s essential releases.


1 (!!), 2, 3, 4 (!!), 7 (!!), 8 (!!), 9 (!!)




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