Author: T.E.V.O.
Date: May 28, 1999
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mai 28


T.E.V.O. started off as an experiment in 1993 and developed to research now. Could Trance and Techno be made manually? If then, does it lack the densitiy of a DJ set?
The six T.E.V.O. guys got balls to say: "It's possible!" and they are touring the sixth year together. From time to time you could've seen them at a festival in Germany - last year they've been to the NATRAJ SUMMERDANCE and the FREE FORM LOVEFIELD... and they linger on in '99 - playing their unique nonstop-liveset with drums, didj, analogue synthies, bass and percussion.

Hear some T.E.V.O. tracks from their recent CD here. Their third album is a work in progress and might be available during summers' open-air-season or a tour in spring 2000...

Check T.E.V.O.s gig dates at their website

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