Insane Creation - Connected

DOMO Records, November 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Nov 3, 2005
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Insane Creation
Title: Connected
Label: DOMO
Format: CD (Digipack)
Released: November, 2005

One of Switzerlands most well-known progressive artists is Dave Walitza, better known as Insane Creation. Over the years his tracks has been released by labels like Plusquam, Traktor Schallabor, Interzone and Starsound, but DOMO has really been the most important label in promoting his sound, featuring him on all their compilations released so far. On that account, it wasn\'t surprising when DOMO announced the release of his debut album earlier this year - and now it has finally been released.

01. Distorted Dreams [136 BPM]
\"Distorted Dreams\" kicks off the album, but doesn\'t leave a big impression. The 30-second intro is ok, but too short and simple, and doesn\'t really build up energy for the entry of the kick and bassline. The track itself rolls along nicely with a plain, mellow groove embellished by more or less subtle effects and reverbed percussion, but overall it seems to lack \"something\" - it\'s just too empty for my liking.

02. Restlessness [136 BPM (mistakenly written as 135 BPM on the cover)]
Things improve a bit with \"Restlessness\", relying on a more pumping kick and bassline combination, giving the track some more punch than the opener. The sound-theme is a bit more polished, and in some ways reminds me of older stuff by Buzz/Buzzmonx. The subtle melodies also work quite well, and overall make this track feel much more complete than the opener.

03. Filestyle [135 BPM (mistakenly written as 136 BPM on the cover)]
\"Filestyle\" starts deeper than the previous tracks, with some delicious, heavily reverbed synth stabs setting the atmosphere. The groove is laidback and very hypnotic, some male voice-samples occasionally pop up, and a sweet, simple melody-line gives the track a slightly uplifting touch. Nice, smooth morning tune.

04. Sweet Random [134 BPM]
Things get a bit more energetic with \"Sweet Random\". It\'s more pumping track than the predecessor, with a slightly harsher and more technish sound and a groove for the daytime at the outdoor. The melodies does seem a bit too screamy for my taste though, and overall the track doesn\'t seem to really progress.

05. Snüül [134 BPM]
\"I could say, that by using psychedelic drugs, I became tuned in on the network of neurological signals and cellular wisdoms that radiate at hundreds of millions per second within my body\" - sounds familiar? The opening sample gives associations to \"Mi-Loony-Um!\", but \"Snüül\" is nowhere near Hallucinogens famous Y2K-tune. \"Snüül\" is still great though - relying on a laidback, house-like groove, embellished by a deep and quite gloomy atmosphere, this is a delicous and mellow tune - definitely one of my favourites.

06. Cafane [133 BPM]
On \"Cafane\" Insane Creation teams up with Christian Gafner, better known as Cafu, and the result stands out as one of the few distinct tunes on the album. Laidback, yet with a very rolling and dance friendly groove, some extremely tight percussion and some sweet, sexy sounds giving it a delicious and uplifting, yet slightly melancholic feel. Certainly among my favourites on the CD.

07. Freakuencer [138 BPM]
The tempo is raised with \"Freakuencer\", possibly the tune on the album most true to the older, more minimal Insane Creation sound. Not quite as dark as some of the older stuff though, with light-hearted stabs and tribal percussion giving the track a morning-oriented sound, but with a phat and attractive bassline below. Pretty nice, but pales in comparison with the previous tracks.

08. Shoobidoo [138 BPM]
Closing the album is \"Shoobidoo\", and it continues with the faster tempo from \"Freakuence\", but feels a bit more interesting. It has a funkier touch, a slightly gloomy melody popping up every once in a while, and generally some of the elements doesn\'t feel as straightforward and ordinary as the rest of the tracks. That being said, I didn\'t really connect to the track, and wouldn\'t rate it among the best here.

Bottom line:

After being in the game for some years, \"Connected\" proves to be a fine debut album for Insane Creation. The sound can best be described as a mix of the polished house-influenced progressive trance of today, and the rawer psychedelic minimal of yesterday. You won\'t find any easy digestible trancy melodies or riffs here though, and while the subtleness for most part is a strong point about the album, I must say I miss some material that really stands out.

\"Connected\" of course has its moments, but even though it\'s a good, tightly produced album with a very enjoyable sound, it never really reaches the same quality of some of the biggest progressive albums from 2005 like Jaïa or Antix.

... Still, you could do a lot worse than buying this release. I can surely recommend it, but won\'t classify it as an essential buy.

Favourites: 2, 3, 5 (!), 6


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