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Author: Beto Kavalcante
Date: Oct 13, 2005
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Date: Oct 13, 2005
Text: Beto Kavalcante

Social colunnist of Diário de Taubaté (one of the most important newspaper of the Big São Paulo) and the presenter of the program Vida de Casado, by TV Cidade, Beto Kavalcante began his career as DJ playing trip-hop and soul music in the House of Dreams and The Bass projects.

In the House of Dreams among other guest DJ’s we can mention Anderson Soares, Ed Ground (Club A Lôca) and Alexandre Zee (Astralia Studio NYC), and with The Bass – Patife, XRS (Xerxes), Marky and Kabelo.

Before concluding the University of Communication, with ability in Publicity and Propaganda, he worked in national and international productions shows like Ira, Gun’s Roses Cover – The Original, Barão Vermelho (rock bands), Tarancón, Raíces de América, Belchior and Edson Cordeiro (are great singers) and with Arthur Moreira Lima (a famous Brazilian pianist know world wive) and others.

As Media Manger, worked with Gisele Budchen and Giane Albertoni (the Brazilian Top Models) in the regional season of the contest of Elite Models Look.

In this time, he used to meet weekly his friends at Albatroz Pub, a dancing bar underground, a place normally frequented by artists, models and music producers.

Then, he was invited to create a new show at the House of Dreams and The Bass and added some brazilian music with his own stile.

All the rithms and stiles of the rich brazilian misic, that enchant the music lovers around the world.

New information

@ To read the colunn Afinidades Eletivas of Beto K access;
@ To receive weekly the colunn Afinidades Eletivas send on e-mail to
to Genuina Lyndoya;
@ To watch on TV, Vida de Casado, presenting Beto K, tone on TV Cidade,
Channel 99, Vivax Sistem every Thursday at 8 o’clock PM live;
@ e-mail Vida de Casado: ;

@ House of Dreams / Editions 2002 + 2004 produced by DJ Marcos Skin;
@ The Bass / Editions 2003 + 2004 + 2005 produced by DJ Armand Kabelo

DJ Beto K
Sets lounges, bars and dancing bars
Events, model presentation, thematic parties,
Different various music stages.

Others works
Black University: university party on Open House Bar every Wednesday;
Aldeia Bar
In Campos do Jordão (São Paulo) Winter Festival 42ª and 47ª editions.

Set (13 minutes): please go to

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