Etic - Feedback (Trancelucent)


Author: Damion
Date: Sep 15, 2005
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Date: Sep 15, 2005
Text: Damion
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Vote: 9/10

Trancelucent (Israel)

A mishmash of different styles and sounds all by one guy. Now, this could easily be bad (imagine skazi doing something similar?) but it works and because of the approach – the sounds are unique, and produced with a kind of fat-ness to them that makes it stand out from the more glassy, brittle sounds that are often used in fullon. Got My Senses Back has a great sound to it, fat production and a great tempo (138, okay I’m getting old). The sounds are varied and all conspire well together, particularly once it launches into its main run… a spooky and disjointed feel to a track that’s progressive yet with the energy you’d associate with fullon. Wishes is a great piece of music, with the vibe of fullon starting to take over the progressive vibe. The topend melodies here are just wonderful, suggesting a great range of emotion: and when I’m talking melodies here, I’m not talking generic up/down arpeggios or heard-it-before twinks. There’s freshness here that’s impossible not to get excited about – trust me! Last Tune sees things get a little darker and moodier, with a sort of edginess going through it, up to a final section that deploys a shifty, unexpected melody to seal it all off. Very, very unique. Electrical Inspiration is a great piece of work: smooth, funky fullon with plenty of balls and big, soaring melodies. Untitled Yet is more in keeping with generic fullon, perfectly well executed but nothing to get too excited about; conversely Miscommunication and Aspects Of Music are some of the tightest bits of fullpower I’ve heard in a long time, with chunk and melody perfectly balanced and fluid energy and sunshine flowing right the way through. Feedback takes things a shade deeper, and not a moment too soon: this is solid, hypnotic trance the way grandma used to make, and with a breakdown from the other side of Timbuktu conspiring to suck you in as well, by the time you’re dropped out into the final run you’re in seventh Devon. Late Echoes Of Goa is anything but, really – barely a cliché in sight in this smooth, expansive chilled breaksy track, more suited to a Balearic image than an Indian one (and I for one am thankful for this.) Finally there’s RU Cool, a nice breaksy / drum n bass crossover thing that does well but doesn’t really go on for long enough but it rinses, make no mistake. All in all, this is a satisfying and quirky album, and I just hope that it wont disappear underneath the weight of other releases and not get a look in into most people’s collections. Doing something different (and doing it well) needs to be rewarded. Etic me old son, you’ve made us proud.

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