The PSYNEMA, audio-visual Performance Act

live recording Rhythms of Peace Festival, Morocco

Author: BuzzT & ElGeko
Date: May 11, 2004
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the next generation of visuals

live recorded: opening of Rhythms of Peace Festival in Morocco, august 28th

Idea and Concept: BuzzT & ElGeko

Psynema is an audio-visual choreography. A fusion of DJ, VJ, live audio and visuals effects. For the first time you can hear visuals and see the sound! We had our premiere in St. Petersburg in front of 8000 people and everybody was freaking out! After a few shows during this summer in Festivals like Sonnenklang, Fullmoon Festival, our last show was in Morocco in august. See here the recordinig of the first 12 minutes of the show...

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website and more videos:

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