Vibe Tribe Interview

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Date: Jun 30, 2005
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Vibe Tribe Interview

1 - Name/Age/Occupation?

Stas (19) & Elmar (20) - currently working on music :)

2 - Where Are You From?

Israel, the holy land :)

3 - How long are you in trance scene?

Actually we are listening to trance since the age of 12 and in that time it was just listening but after about 2 years we met at school and we both was trying to make trance with software called Fastracker2.
At the age of 16 we started to work with more Sirius programs we learned the Cubase and came up with the name \"Vibe Tribe\". After that we started to make music in a more professional way. In the age of 17 we started to play in small party’s...
To make a long story short we are Djing for 4 years and making music about 6-7 years.

4 - What equipment do you use to produce your music?

nord lead 2,
creamware luna 2 sound card,
mackie hr824 monitors,
beringher mixer,
samson mic,
monster pc,
Cubase Sx
all possible vsti & vst
wavelab 5
sound forge 7

5 - Free text about your project…

We are making melodic music, inspired by the old school goa stuff, and we love morning sunrise :D

6 - What do you prefer, playing live or dj set?

We think its fun both ways live or Dj set when u play live it has it own goods and bads as well as dj set so we’ll prefer Live and Dj set !

7 - How do you see the trance parties in Israel and in the rest of the world?

Well in Israel the situation is a bit different from rest of the world we guess...
1. cuz of the many artist that are from Israel, and you know Israel is pretty small.
2 cuz trance scene isn’t new to Israel, so its pretty much main stream, so the party’s is split to two groups, the big commercial party’s, and the small underground party’s in the desert etc..

8 - Utopia Records is in my opinion one of the greatest trance labels of the moment, do you think that your album “Melodrama” has something to do with that?

Well first off all thanks for the good words for our home label, second its kind of a question that we cant answer on :) ,but to be honest we hope that our album some how influenced on it in a good way .

9 - What do you think about the mp3 trade by internet?

We think is killer!
Now seriously, we hate it, but its nothing you can do against it , we guess the people who want original cd quality is still going to buy cds, the same as people going to movies for example.

10 - Your sense of life?

Party’s, music, sunrise, girls & fast cars :D

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