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Author: PsyGirl
Date: May 19, 2005
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Date: May 19, 2005
Text: PsyGirl for

1. Explain what it is you do and your involvement in the dance scene?

Free-Spirit is a DJ and Production agency working within the Dance, PsyTrance and Ambient genres. Our goal is to provide the people we work with, with a network of resources that they would not normally have easily available to them. We are continuously building a database of contacts through-out the UK, Europe and worldwide, in an attempt to try make it a little bit easier for an artist to break into these markets. We handle all the distribution of demos and introductions to relevant promotions on behalf of the artist, in order to allow our artists to concentrate on what they truly love, their music.

2. What is your vision?

To make the world the stage for all of Free-Spirit’s artists and to spread their music as they go.

3. Who are the DJ’s & Artists currently involved with Free Spirit?

Marchello (producing as cimi), Etnicanet (Italy)
M-Klome (LIVE PA), Alchemy records (Italy)
Sisma (a collaboration between cimi and M-Klome)
Marcello V.O.R (producing as 2Hi in collaboration with Vibra), Neurobiotic (Brazil)
Jay Om (producing as Journey) (Italy)
DJ Sam @Chaishop, (Germany)
Jimmy9 (Italy)
Edoardo, Neurobiotic (Italy)
Toxigen (Portugal)
Mish-Mash (France)
Mad Theo (Italy)
DJ M.A.N (Portugal)
Phil Able (UK)
Nova, Ultimae Records (Italy)

4. What is the best and the worst thing about being an Artist Management Agency?

Best thing: Following our artists to lots of cool parties and meeting people within the industry from all over the world
Worst thing: It’s a lot of hard work, long hours and you have to go out whether you feel like it or not – once we had to go to 5 different clubs in one night to see all our guys play!

5. What are your plans for the year ahead?

• A Free-Spirit PsyTrance compilation album featuring music produced by Free-Spirit artists.
• A HiNRG driving Trance mix CD compiled and mixed by Jay Om & Mad Theo
• TO get our artists out there as much as we can and to see them perform at parties and festivals around the globe.

6. What music/people inspired you?

Jerry Maguire!
;o) the people at the bottom – the ones that make the parties happen, that listen to the tunes, that buy the music, that make the scene!

7. What up and coming DJ’s/Producers can you recommend?

Have a look at our rosta! We have a full list of up and coming artists and we vehemently recommend them all.

8. What is the most bizarre thing you have ever seen in real life?

Sitting at Camp’s Bay having lunch, saw a man walking down the beach with 2 kids, all eating icecream. What made this bizarre? The one kid was on the back of the other, who in turn was standing on the man’s head! (see pic)

9. If you won a £10 Million lottery, what would you do with the rest of your life?

Keep doing what we are doing, just a little bit more comfortably ;o) Travel more, see the world.

10. What was your favourite party experience?

Jay: Cosmic Carrot, Tyssen Street Studios, London, Boxing Day 1998
Bridget: Pickle’s 3rd Birthday Party, Brixton Academy, London, Sept 30th, 2000

11. For MrSpencer’s arb question…. How many goat herders does it take to do advanced calculus?

Depends on how many have an abacus…

12. Lastly…Is there anything you would like to add?

Keep Grooving!! And check back regularly to to see what we are up to.

Love & Light

Jay & Bridget

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