Author: Nelio
Date: May 29, 2011
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Another highly talented producer from Croatia, another prove for the Balkan area becoming a hotspot of the Trance scene!

What is the story behind your project and name?

 I was listening to many kinds of different music my entire life, from psychedelic rock and      punk like Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Hendrix to ethno sounds, Deep Forest, Peter Gabriel. Through that music I came into contact with exotic instruments like didgeridoo and sitar. Courtesy of my good friend Draco I got one and started to learn how to play it, he was teaching me. After a few months I got a call from a friend who asked me if I wanted to play didgeridoo on a trance party with his set. That was my first live performance in trance waters under the name Koorie.

What is the meaning of the name Koorie?

Koorie means aboriginals in their traditional language!

How did this trance thing start in your life and what were the most important influences during your lifetime?

Most important thing is definitely my love for trance music and spiritual concept that derives from that music. But I always say that my family and friends are the power behind   my creation and music in my life, right now it is from my wife Dalija and my daughter Tia. Important influences? In my life it is always the audience that influences me.

How would you define your music style?

Although it is the goa and psy most of the time I can't say that this is the only style I integrate in my music. For me it is always what my soul wants, and I go from there on. I have some tracks that are free style, some that are leaning a bit towards oriental and    some that are influenced with exotic sounds. But music that I play at parties I would define as trance dance music for fun and positive energy.

What other side projects do you have and can you tell us more about your radio show?

I have several side projects. My first project is called Ethnical Project and last year I   released an album "Are you alone" for an Italian label Polena Records. Cosmic Reality project is my favorite. Nenad Đorđević and I are making a chill out album for PsyCro Records label. Nenad Đorđević is also my partner in organization called Trance Teleport. I had my own radio show and it was great. We played great music, interviewed different musicians and streamed to promote our own artists. Right now it is paused. We   are planning to start it again after the reconstruction of our Trance Teleport web site.

Can you tell us more about Trance Teleport?

I've established Trance Teleport about 4 years my good friend Nenad Đorđević aka Dalton. We started with the idea to do something better for trance scene here in different parts of ex Yugoslavia. Through this organization we are promoting multimedia projects, organizing parties and trance related events but we do sound, light and deco as well.  We cooperate with many organizations, promoters as well as artists and we will accept many new in the future.

What was your biggest achievement as a musician?

Definitely my first gig in Serbia where I played with Astral Projection. I must also include my performances and cooperations with California Sunshine, MFG, Egorythmia, Psyshrek, Sascia Cardinali, Oniro and Power Source.

Where can people hear you playing this summer?

Future Nature in Pula, Zen.IT festival in Serbia, Tribal Life and Art in Omis, and at the end Aurora Festival in Greece.

Apart from trance music, what do you do in your life?

Last year I opened an agency for nautical tourism and I'm launching multi tourism concept, which includes concerts, adventure and historical tourism, cinemas and clubs.


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