Author: Newom
Date: Mar 17, 2005
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the first TV magazine devoted to Psytrance & Ambient music!

Newom & la Locale television present as from March 25 at midnight
the first TV magazine devoted to Psytrance & Ambient music!

We place at your disposal a visible powerful media in the whole world
on the satellite and FreeBox. Like on the Net with

This magazine comprises several headings, of which advertisement of
the future parties, a top 20, a review of new releases, reports on
the livesacts , djs and the fluo artists , dancers, jugglers and
fireart. We will organize also the reception and the recording of your
artists on plate in liveact. We will diffuse also the enormous bank of
video parties realized by Stof during these 10 years.

With this intention, we need your promotion in image 720/576 - 72dpi
so that that passes well to the screen, jackets & flys
+ CDs + play list psytrance & ambient!
Site, logo...

You can profit from it by sending any information to us relating to
your activities on this email and in
Newom, 1 rue de gergovie 75014 Paris
for the cds and videos.

The local one is on the \"bouquet\" freebox & at this visible address
sat in the whole world:

Satellite HOTBIRD 2, frequency 11727,5 MHz (repeater 50, 13┬░ Are,
Vertical Polarisation)

Finally tele for our movement!

with soon


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