Horns & Hoofs Entertainment

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 17, 2009
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Talking about Tech Trance might not sound like big news to most people: The massive influence of “Techno”, a vague description for all contemporary, popular Club music, in the Progressive Trance scene could be witnessed since quite some time now. Still Horns & Hoofs Entertainment is different and keeps what quite all other labels promise: Being different.


You still remember acts like Spirallianz, Midi Miliz, Paps, 3.Turn or Yumade? Well, these were the ones who probably set the foundations for this genre, at least their sound marks a very special, unique direction: Hard and fast rhythm patterns, far away from being minimal, honest, strong and forcing. Based on this, absolutely psychedelic soundscapes evloved and mind bending sound fractals flirred around the listeners head, garnsihed with science fiction vocal samples. So here we have the Tech element on the one hand and the Trance element on the other.


Horns & Hoofs Entertaiment keeps the tradition of this very special niche within the Trance scene. Recently the dudes behind the moniker Alic, also known from their Tech Trance Netlabel Digital Diamonds, took over the A&R issues and delivered a pretty tasty series of digital releases. Number one featured the Alic dudes themselves with their pretty independent style, after that Dunaewsky69 presented some pretty fast, dark and cinematic tunes. Still very fresh are the relases from Deto & Gleam as well as Holeg Spies, which also convince by their very unusual, very individual sound. For those looking for some extraordinary sound in the twilight between genre boders but not the usual "Nu School Progressive" quite everybody is doing today,  Horns & Hoofs is definitely worth checking out! The sophisticated concept of the label is rounded up by great artworks that equal the unusual sound with their complex moods.


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