Author: Roberdo
Date: Aug 17, 2009
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In 2008 ZORFLUX aka Vasco Cabral (HORIZON Live with Eskimo) and TWISTED REACTION aka Edvin Alperavitch met together to create the newest live project called "BLAZED". Serious sound with lots of groove, fat basslines and always a good and original story.

Psy roots mixed with sound and technology of these days, really funky and Groovy bringing to you allways a full message of joy... With a full solo album ready to release@ the end of march 2009 @ Enzyme Rec (sub Label)Phantasm Records , this dual-head power project is working on rmxs and collaborations with top artists of psy scene such as: Eskimo, Horizon, Cycle Sphere, Alternative Control, Dual Core, Freaked Frequency,Dapanji, Bliss, Dickster, Menog and more.

Album of rmxs coming soon@JUne 2009, this duo allready presenting this new Live act in Brasil Universo Paralello festival 2009 , Sothis festival, Freedom Festival@Portugal and a lot more to come in the european summer of 2009 ... Get ready to blaze your senses with this fresh and original psychedelic groove power ... Lets rockkkk!


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