Quest4Goa New Year's Eve Party


Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 25, 2005
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Quest4Goa New Years Eve Party

This year I choose for my new year’s eve a party in the centre of Portugal, Leiria, more exactly in a beautiful place called Praia do Pedrogão.
I arrive to the party at 1:00 am to play in the chill out zone till 4:00 am, so I just see the party itself after 4:00 am…
When I put my first foot on the dance floor, I saw that Quest4Goa did an excellent work there :)

The tent was full of great fluor deco; there was a giant octopus up, totally psychedelic…and two of his “legs” have some psy light that turns on and off…the tent was completely full of people, from north to south of Portugal and with some international travellers too…

Speaking about music, I have to give my congratulations to the sound team; I think that it was the most powerful (with quality) sound system that I have seen in any place…
I have to point out the powerful dj set from Hermã, great kicks in all tracks, doing remember some Rinkadink style…after Hermã it cames the first live act, Hujaboy, great sound too, some tracks from his album “Sonic Tonic”, some new tracks, wonderful! Next one dj set from Fluxo, great too, giving some bright and melodic tunes to the dance floor…Unhappily I didn’t see Vibe Tribe because sleep was on, but people told me that was really god.

When I woke up, first day of 2005, it was some unbelievable cold, and Korpora was mixing on the dance floor…great morning set, Zero Sequence was wonderful too; nice melodies all the live, undoubtedly the best Portuguese trance live for me at this moment…after that Tajmahal bring us some more good music, but the mixes between the tracks could be better…finishing the first dance floor day was Surya Namaskar dj set, great one too :)
When the dance floor was over, we went to the chill out area, which was wonderful at that time…great sound by Chilled C’Quence, nice talks, nice Pakistan :) and a great “Bionica” dinner!

Second night of the event…more people coming…starts with X-Tigma dj set, then versus with Deo and another dj and after then sleeppppp…wake up at 12:00 am (great sleep eheh) and it’s Anestetic playing…incredible mixings, incredible musical selection, incredible dj…the best way to start the second day of the year…after some orange vodkas, Fred from Neuromotor starts his dj set and I think that I had lost in time, because I just see how time passed on when it starts to get dark from the night that was coming…party was over at +- 19:00 pm but no one wants to went home…so we all went to the chill out tent (completely full of people) and stays together all the night like it was again Friday...

For me, it was one of my favourite new years eve till now; Quest4Goa again provided us all the conditions of an open-air festival, with restaurants, bar, ambient area, meeting point, WC, great deco, great music and great ambient, all great!


Text by: Juggler
Photos by: Cadu

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