V.A. - Notorious Biscuits (Hypo=Espresso Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 6, 2009
Views: 2009

The very first thing I notice when I open the envelope is that this is a Digipack. These very stylish CD to unfold to the left and to the right, made from paper, you know? Not really a common thing any more in days in which even the big major labels have to struggle with ever decreasing sale numbers...The cover artwork is pretty minimal and also a little fancy, it shows a confusing arrangement of pomegranates and small cracker fishes. I am really getting excited now, so lets get right to the content of this compilation!


   01. What Color? - Wata
   02. I'm Mad Enough - Supercozi & Electronic Pirates Feat. Donni1
   03. Shortcut (Minimal Mix) - Electronic Pirates
   04. Burn Your Shoes - Gus Till
   05. The Fairytales - DJ Lik & U-Nik
   06. One - Brent Burns
   07. Music Is Music - Wata
   08. Sexy Pie - Sexy Pie
   09. From The Dawn - G.B Catalyzer
   10. Catwalking - Ree.K



The music starts quite minimal and a vocal sample tells me that all the colours are changing. Well, obviously there is something change, yes. The sound does not stay really minimal though quite few sounds are used, it becomes kind of twisted with very playful structures coming up. The second track reminds me that glorious days of Fire Records, Balloons, Automatic and Bedrock: This style called UK Trance, really deep and very trancy but also very clubby, reduced and up to date. I really love this kind of laid back groove. This track is co-produced by DJane Supercozi who also compiled this CD by the way. The music on this compilation continues very varied, I know I am telling this quite often but this time its really, really true! Often it is minimal, often it is housey and there are distinct moments of Trance also. But in the end you could not categorize it into these genres. Its really freaky and experimental sound that always includes a certain moment of madness. Some of the tracks would be propriate for a bar or an inspring chill area, others definitely aim the dancefloor. Other then many recent "Techno / Minimal" productions from former Trance artists, that are way too often just imitation and lack innovation resp. own ideas,  this sound is independent and outstanding. Mr. Gus Till is a very good example on this CD but he used to produce very crazy and humorous sounds already in his days of Trance.

Defintiely not everybody's cup of tea but for those who are really into electronic dance music and always on the run for something freaky and new its a definite hint! The design and artwork underline the music-passionists approach of this release. I as a confessing music lover really like this CD, it will go straight to my case as well as my recent playlist at home.

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