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Date: Dec 12, 2008
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Some of the best tracks from 2000 + DJ set from Boom 2000

The History Edition on Chaishop Music News is guiding you through the years 1998 to 2009 of psytrance music. It is presented by Roberdo and, two mates that always have a silly joke on their lips.

In this show we're presenting music from the year 2000. In the photo you can see Sam rocking Boom Festival 2000.

Listen to the radio show:

• [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
• Album - Blast Food - Spirallianz - One Way Ltd. - Spirit Zone
• Album - H2 - Haldolium - T.O.S. - Free Form
• Compilation - Stereoide - P.O.T.S. - Lima - Medium
• Album - Continuum - Double Dragon - Pulsating Thing - Phantasm
• Album - Auricular - Shiva Chandra - Creator Rmx - Spirit Zone
• Album - Slick Of It All - Disco Slickers - Its A Feel - Liquid Audio Soundz
• Album - Transform - Element - Akasha - Liquid Audio Soundz
• Album - Feuerhake - Feuerhake - 3 Tage 4 Nächte - Free Form
• Album - Headcleaner - Atmos - Jimmy The Plate - Spiral Trax
• Album - Echo - Vibrasphere - Abra - Spiral Trax


Listen to the DJ set by, Recorded at Boom Festival 2000, Aug 14, 13h00-14h00.

"This was the most successful set of my dj career. Playing right after Atmos for about 2000 freaks at Boom Festival and closing the day was unforgettable. The mixing of this set is shit due to the difficult mixing situation at Boom with several delays from the four point system. I didn't know how to mix on headphones that year. However this didn't stop the dancefloor from getting crazy! Even years later people were still talking to me about this set."

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