Costa Rica: A new trance destination?

Author: Marco Ramos
Date: Oct 13, 2008
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When we hear about Costa Rica we often don’t even know where it is, this country situated between Nicaragua and Panama, is a place which is slightly bigger than Switzerland. The first thing that pops into our heads, are bananas, coffee and wonderful beaches to surf at or awesome Landscapes.

Now a day’s Costa Rica is providing a home for many Europeans and other immigrants as well as  for the local trance scene, who are stepping out of the first world to search for paradisiacal places to live and to party.

It is often compared to Goa in a sense that there are still small outdoor goa parties where people pass the chillum around the fire, and dance on mountain tops and beaches. In this small country in Centralamerica, there is a movement of people doing underground goa parties and small festivals with international artists.

This movement has grown from a couple of Italians who basically brought the Trance music to Costa Rica to organized groups of people doing their own parties and festivals. Now a days in Costa Rica there are three well established party crews: Colectivo Ajna (, Transelastica (  and psynomads ( Even if in Costa Rica the trance population is very small there are also some other small underground crews that are helping to make the scene grow with successful events.  The combination of small parties, beautiful landscapes and International artists from the very beginning such as GMS, Talamasca, Space tribe, Goa Gil, Neuromotor, Dark Soho, Infected Mushroom (back in the late 90´s), Aerodance, XP Voodoo, Sam@Chaishop, Wizzy Noise and many others, to parties now a days with artists such as Iron madness, Wizack Twizack, Frantic Noise, Baphomet Engine, Necropsycho only to mention a few.

This sum of factors exposes the local scene to very nice underground parties, where the artists are able to have a firsthand contact with the local scene.  The crowd who attends to these parties is a very energetic crowd which always guarantees an intense nice psychedelic feeling on the dance floor. You will always have people dancing and smiling and pumping the rest of the crowd!!! It is also a reason why these small parties are so succesfull, due to the small amount of people attending. This has been lost in the bigger parties around the world. And today it is very hard to find these small underground parties.


In General the scene in Costa Rica is developing as now there are also some local artists who make their own music or have their own live act or label. There is R2 a psytrance project from Costa Rica; produced by Arturo Oreamuno you can check out his music here: (picture: R2). There is also Samorost (a.k.a Guru Sigma), who has already a release with CONSCIOUS DREAMS records from Netherlands, on VA-Kokopelli Conscious Dreams , and a few other minor label participations.  Also the Dj´s are every time better, getting more and more gigs outside at Festivals in Guatemala., parties in Panama, and El Salvador.(picture: Dj Ali from Transelastica at Festival del Castillo in Guatemala)


So if you are in the area of Centralamerica and looking for a nice party or visiting Costa Rica feel free to visit the parties for sure you will have a good time!!!


You can always check out parties on the local trance forum:, also the bigger parties are often posted at, and isratrance forums.

Costa Rica is definitively worth a try if you want to relax and plus attend to a nice party with beautiful people!!



Article by:

Marco Ramos


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