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Date: Oct 21, 2010
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A new era of sustainable party: Planting trees, forums discussions, shamic rituals- in the rain forst and at a secret beach... Definitely a very, very special NYE event!

GeoParadise offers an innovative approach to building sustainable futures. Promoting music events around the world, bringing artists to the most beautiful environments on the planet, creating a symbiosis of entertainment, education and pleasure for our audiences. Money raised from ticket sales finances numerous sustainable projects and in the future these projects and the events financing them will be organized by the same people who buy the tickets. 

We facilitate this through GeoTribe our online social network. It is an area to meet and discuss visions of the future, share resources and ultimately come together as an international community to create bioregional solutions for our planet. As guardians of their lands members of GeoTribe understand the unique nature and requirements of their regions and with the help of GeoTribe they can co-create projects confident that the resources needed are available. 

Our office GeoHub is also to be found online visible to GeoTribe allowing them to see, comment and vote on our work and the projects we are undertaking. Assisting us in the decisions we make and the processes involved. In time GeoHub will become the collective workspace of GeoTribe. 

Right now we are working to help a region in Costa Rica, providing computers for the local school, reforesting former pasture land and setting up a communal bio-intensive organic garden. The finance for this comes from GeoParadise New Year Gathering.Musicians, artists, healers and audiences from around the globe have been offering their support, coming together to perform, work and enjoy themselves, using their inspirations to create a positive discussion about causes, problems and solutions to the impact of global modernization. 

Next year we will be raising funds for projects in Mexico. Once again this will come from an event organized in the region that we are helping. 

GeoParadise New Year

30th Dec 2010 to 4th January 2011

The first two days of the event:
Everyone will have three indigenous young trees waiting for them.
After you have erected your tents, sorted out your camping spaces and settled in to the site come over to the reforestation area where we have a team of experts waiting to help you plant your trees.
They will guide you through every step of the process, showing you where and how to plant these little carbon sequestration power houses. Don't worry planting trees is very easy and relatively light work, your three trees should only take ten minutes to plant. This is your chance to actively Leave Positive Trace on your planet, over the following years these little trees will flourish into a wonderful rainforest consuming carbon, producing oxygen and providing a habitat for an amazing array of animals, insect, birds and more.
In the afternoons there will be a meeting for all participants where we will discuss the days planting to let you know how things went, explain future programs and give you a chance to voice your say on the proceedings.

Then on the night of the 31st the music starts with a shamanic ceremony to thank everyone for their contribution.
There will be three main entertainment zones in the festival. Two Music Stages with DJ's, Live Acts and Bands from around the world. The third Geohaven is an area for conference and wellness.

On sunday the music will stop at midday, we will provide a free meal and drink for everyone. Then when we have everyones attention we will host a conference in the main dance area. Shaman, Entheogenic Botanists, Artists and Anthropologists will come together to discuss the future of our planet and different ways in which we can help make it vibrant and sustainable. We´ll be addressing the role of Arts, Science and Conscience within the new paradigm of de-centralized information distribution through community networks, emerging as tools for collective evolution and new styles of leadership in these fields beyond the traditional hierarchical structure. There will be an open mike session to end the Forum to allow for any comments or questions.
As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean we will start the music and other areas again for one more night of fun, thought and mayhem.

After four days in the jungle we will move the proceedings down the hill onto a private beach accessible only by boats. Two more days of festivities will follow before we wrap the event up with one final sunset ceremony to thank the earth for allowing us this opportunity to shine.

The end of this event will be the start of something bigger. It is the birth of a proactive creative community with a clear purpose. Everyone present in the Gathering will become a GeoTribe Lotus Member, with voice and vote over the platform plans and funds distribution for the next year. Team formation and brainstorming will be encouraged during the gathering, setting the basis to achieve next years missions. We will discuss  about cooperation strategies based on mutual trust and free contribution, collective decision-making systems and ways to facilitate exchanges inside the platform aside of the conventional cash transactions. We´ll welcome any suggestions, ideas and proposals for future projects. Let your minds fly and envision great opportunities for the future we are building together!

In addition to the Costa Rica event, the GeoParadise collective has numerous active programs in Oaxaca, Mexico. These include Community Supported Agriculture programs, a bio-reserve for preserving forest habitat, educational programs and job creation for local residents with a focus on long term sustainability, and and many other programs.
In Mexico GeoParadise works bio-regionally through the Centre For Sustainable Development Oaxaca (CSO) Rancho Encantado forming a dynamic foundation that works with governmental and private organizations to establish and run all programs, acquire funding and material support, provide technical and educational assistance to local communities as well as serving in marketing and representing all products generated by the region including international export and certifications of authenticity and organic standards.
The Festival programme
AETERNAL Mack Mad House records ( New caledonia)
SHARIGRAMA Mack Mad House records (MX)
SIMMBIONIC Tilasmat records (MX

POLI  spun record (U.S.A)
RIKAM neurobiotic records (Canada)
djane AKBAL electronic brian management (Ibiza)
dj MATTE electronic brian management (ibiza)
AETERNAL Mack Mad House records ( New caledonia)
DJ VAMPIX Mack Mad House records (MX)
TEXTUREMAP Tilasmat records (MX)
GATTO MATTO Greensector(U.S.A)
BRIAN RAE Greensector(U.S.A)
MANUEL (Barcelona)
MAUS Psynomads (Costa Rica)
MASSERN Psynomads (Costa Rica)
DARKCOSMO Psynomads (Costa Rica)

Charlie P Live
Chris Sia
Dj Shawna  
DJ Bowie Van Ling
Ana Sia
Elliott Lipp

TREAVOR WYSE Greensector(U.S.A)
SALVADORE DI ANGELO Tilasmat records (MX)
djane EVELIENE electronic brian management (Ibiza)

GEOHAVEN (Conference, film and wellness)
James Bauml
Stacy Schaefer
Christian Ratch
Claudia Muller Ebling
Manuel Torres
Raul Casillas Romo
Matt Kocel 
Clare Wilkins
Chris Sia
Michael Berz
We are waiting for confirmation of five Shaman from latin America and one Indian elder from the States
We will be working with body movement specialists from costa rica and will post their names soon

Jonathan Singer (worked with Grateful Dead)

Carey Thompson
Manifestation Facilitator
Michael Garfield
Donna Torres
(waiting confirmation)
Mark Henson (worked with Grateful Dead)

Author: willy electronarcosis / Date: 14.11.2010 20:50:30

this is going to be amazing!!! everyone get your tickets while you still can! here is 9 free cds of mine and here

Author: MI5 / Date: 13.11.2010 22:52:03

Oh yes this is gonna be fantastic.... Cant wait ..its gonna rock and help change things for the better as well.. what more can you ask for.. And the geohaven lineup is fantastic

Author: MANIFESTATION FACILITATOR / Date: 13.11.2010 01:04:06

We are so THANKFUL for being invited to participate in such a unique paradigm shifting event such as this. It truly is a dream come true to be able to create Atmosphere Design for the first ever GeoParadise event! Looking forward to watching this community grow and help shape a new era of sustainability, awareness, education, and idea of what festival can and should be. See you in Costa Rica very soon!

Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 23.10.2010 01:11:28

Great initiative!! this is the way! all the best ***

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