Ambient Groove

Author: Ambient Guru
Date: Sep 3, 2008
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Presented by Ambient Guru - including DJ mix by SuKhush

logoChaishop Music News presents "Ambient Groove" - an ambient journey selected by Ambient Guru from New York.

Listen to the music review show:

1.  Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir - Mandala Offering - Tibetan Chants for World Peace - (White Swan Records)
2.  Vataff Project - Inner Beauty - Kalitz (Aleph Zero)        
3. Makyo - Chandan - Shringara (Dakini Records)
4. Angel Tears - D'Marot Malach - (Love Cat Music)
5. Peter Gabriel - Cloudless - Long Walk Home (Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence) (Real World Records)
6. Paddy Free With Richard Nunns - Lali - Karekare: Te Reo O Te Whenua (Dub Conspiracy Recordinds)
7. MC Yogi - Be the Change - Elephant Power - (White Swan Records) Featured on Jamtse - Love & Compassion (An Offering for the Tibet Fund)
8. Dr. K.A. Gunasekharan - Hai La Sa - Laya Project (Earth Sync)
9. Adam Shaikh - Shake it (Shaikh It) - Fusion (Sonic Turtle)
10. Niyaz - Iman - Nine Heavens (Six Degrees Records)
11. Cantoma - The Call - Dream Therapy (Quango Records)
12. Master Margherita - Perfect On Sunday - Master Margherita vs Kali Frogz - Mastura (Electrik Dream Records)
13. Ralf Hildenbeutel - Hommage À Noir - Hommage A Noir - Palm Pictures
14. Chris Zippel Aka Genuine - Upon The Face Of The Deep - Nu Ambient Grooves 2
15. Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh - Desert Angel - Liquid Dreams (Masti Music) Featured on Jamtse - Love & Compassion (An Offering for the Tibet Fund)

Listen to the DJ mix by SuKhush:

1. The Universe: Intro (A Guy Called Gerald feat Jennifer Neal)
2. Radio Bombay (Hol Baumann)
3. ACD (Scann-Tec)
4. Noir (Ultimax)
5. Clouds over Stalden (Schatsi)
6. Ocean of Fire (Eat Static)
7. The Divine Unity (Slackbaba)
8. Elixir of Life (Shanti Matkin)
9. Neon Tetra (Umberloid)
10. Labess (Kaya Project)
11. Gayatri Mantra Shuffle (Adham Shaikh)


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