Banco de Gaia - Memories Dreams Reflections (Disco Gecko Recordings)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 23, 2009
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Mister Banco de Gaia is back! Well known for his "Magical Sounds", this man used to be one of the pioneers of Chill Out and Ambient music during the ninetees. His new album comes around on two CDs and, to say it right at the beginning, it's name is part of a concept.

Disc 1

1. Spirit of the Age
2. Starless
3. Echoes
4. Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)
5. Tempra
6. Terra Om

Disc 2

1. Analogique
2. Indecision
3. Soufie (Blue Mix)
4. Qurna
5. China
6. Celestine
7. How Much Reality Can You Take?
8. No Rain
9. Drunk as a Monk
10. Last Train to Lhasa


Starting with CD 1 directly leads me into the well known soundscapes of Banco: A hovering bass and  psychedelic sound samples as well as the typical, retro- styled synthy chords open "Memories Dreams Reflections". The groove hits finally in with real instrumental percussion, which is again typical for the master of Chill Out. Actually this very first track turns out to be pretty driving, its rather dance than chill music with its inspiring beats. But the record remains very varied, concerning the speed of the tracks as well as the mood they feature. The journey leads through rich synthesizer arrangements, warm harmonies and very emotional soundscapes. This CD seems to be the Memory part of the concept album, at least the tracks feature a certain retro charme.

Listening to CD 2 opens an experimental realm of instrumental sounds: The band approach of Banco de Gaia is probably his most distinct characteristic. So on this record there are not only heaps of live drums and singers included but also sitars, flutes or a wonderful saxophone, to name just a few. The quotes from many different music styles from all around the globe, which are reflected and combined with trancy synthsizer chords, make this sound characterized best as true World Music.

The "Memories Dreams Reflections" of Mr. Banco de Gaia can be described as warm, organic, sophisticated and very multicultural. After many years he proves himself again to be a true master of his craft. His new album is a frisky electronic carnival that clearly bears the hallmarks of a man who had music for breakfast, music for lunch and music for dinner.

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