Goa Times – Now and Then

Author: Divyan Salotra
Date: Jul 10, 2008
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During the late 1960’s the state of Goa witnessed an incursion of tourists who exhibited a hippy lifestyle and left behind a rather interesting residue for mother India to elaborate upon – they called it Goa Trance.

As no concrete definition exists for this powerful musical style, it may be broadly classified as a legendary form of music fashioned by the amalgamation of Electronic Body Music with elements relating to the spiritual culture of India. The magnificent vibes at the sandy beaches of Goa catalyzed the up rise of the genre, and although the precise time span remains a mystery, it is popularly believed that the first sounds of Goa originated during the early 1980’s.

The creators of the “Trance Dance” music took inspiration from the picturesque shoreline of the Indian state and combined with it the drums of Goa Trance, to experience a state of bodily transcendence. These sounds differed from the other styles of Trance and were particularly characterized by high BPM. The fact that Goa Trance was the only sub-genre of trance to find its roots resting firmly in Indian soil is another notable peculiarity. Arguably the most celebrated form of electronic music during the mid 1990’s, the sound of Goa Trance evolved with time, leading to its successor - ‘psychedelic trance’.

The popularity of neo-trance had a denigrating effect on the production and consumption of the gilded Goa melodies. Owing to the vast expansion of technology, the new millennium allowed producers to experiment with the music. With the help of a computer loaded with the right software, one could create an array of alterations to the manipulate sound. With time, the new age musicians fused Goa trance with break beats to create a fine blend known as Minimal/ Progressive Psytrance. Subsequently, many new sub-genres were created. Today’s intelligent trancer would classify psytrance into three broad categories- Dark, Progressive and Full-on.

Psytrance has survived the most rigorous musical assessment known to mankind - the test of time. The increased popularity of Electronic Music has led to the commercialization of typical trance, which now enjoys much success on an international scale. Although the philosophy of the new age producer envisions to replicate the out-of-body experience that reminisces the golden era, a lot of music today tagged "Goa Trance", has very little to do with the original sound of Goa !



Goa times- Now and Then


‘Goa times- Now and Then’ is a compilation which illustrates the old supernal melodies and sounds, which were spiritual, psychedelic and mystical. It revives those accords, which are no longer prevalent in the energy released by the psychedelic aspect of trance today. Goa Times features tracks from both ends of the spectrum - Modern day epics as well as parables from the late 90's.

Track list:

1. Afgin – Amanita
2. Etnica – Vimana
3. Liquid Flow – Moderate Stimulation
4. Cosmosis – Gift of the Gods
5. Astrancer – Namaskara Mudra
6. Chakra & Edi Mis – Final Mission
7. Goasia – Paranormal Experience
8. ManMadeMan – Athalon
9. Holymen - The Last Universe ( End All Remix)

Author: soundmute recordings / Date: 17.07.2008 15:15:54

this is certainly great release..

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