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Author: Juggler
Date: May 13, 2008
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Ultravoice – The Star Alliance Vol.2Com.Pact Records Promotional Thread

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the Ultra Magnetic, hell rising, second chapter...of the highly acclaimed release - Ultravoice - The Star Alliance series. Ultravoice, known international producer and Dj, Avi Levi, is back stronger than ever with a brand new release, cutting edge and highly innovative. Ultravoice presents: The Star Alliance Vol.2, packed with 9 blasting tracks, loaded with power, drive and juice, the second chapter in this marvelous expedition throughout the various tastes and color of Trance realms, known to man.
This high energy compilation captures the heart and soul of uplifting Full-On trance music. The Star Alliance Vol.2 release incorporates 9 blasting collaborations between Ultravoice and a record number of leading international producers. The album includes collaborations with Tactic Mind (Toxical RMX), Mahamudra, Cosmic Tone Vs.
Visual Paradox, Indra, Michele Adamson (Sesto Sento RMX), Bizzare Contact Vs. Dj Feio (Bizzare Contact vs. Electro Sun RMX), Michele Adamson Vs. Intersys, Rizo (Azax Syndrom RMX), System Nipel (Intersys RMX).
With a Track list as such, Ultravoice proves yet again his domination of the Craft of dance floor oriented Trance music.
We are now boarding Star Alliance flight No.2 You better be on it.
Track list:

01. Ultravoice vs Indra - Future Call
02. Ultravoice vs Michele Adamson - Electronic Playground (Sesto Sento Remix)
03. Ultravoice vs Mahamudra - Scratch
04. Ultravoice vs Bizzare Contact vs Feio - Nasty (Bizzare Contact vs Electro Sun Rmx)
05. Ultravoice vs Visual Paradox vs Cosmic Tone - Stop The Beat
06. Ultravoice vs Rizo - Keep It Real (Azax Syndrom Remix)
07. Ultravoice vs Intersys vs Michele Adamson - Filthy Lies
08. Ultravoice vs System Nipel - Ultranipel (Intersys Remix)
09. Ultravoice vs Tactic Mind - Mind Control (Toxical Remix)

Here comes the fourth album from Ultravoice, this time full of collaborations and remixes.
The album starts with a versus between Ultravoice and Indra and what a collaboration, in my opinion the best track of the entire album, a really dancefloor stomper...it has that Ultravoice’s structure mixed with some Indra elements, one of the best tracks that I heard from him till now. Track 2 is a more pacific and atmospheric one...all the elements sounds really melodious and morning, and the voice of Michele comes really nice with the flow. Track 3 is done with Mahamudra and is very rhythmic...it has a groovy bassline, some twilight synths, great guitar reefs...the only thing I don’t like here is the vocals, prefer it if was done by a girl. Track 4 “Nasty” is the long awaited remix of Nasty and in my opinion it deserved the waiting...it has almost 10 minutes, groovy and fat bassline, lots of melodies and morning synths and a great final. Track 5 is another versus, this time between Ultravoice, Cosmic Tone and Visual Paradox...it has a fat and rolling bassline, some Cosmic synths, some electronic noises, funny one. Track 6 is the Azax Syndrom Rmx for “Keep It Real” and in my opinion is the most aggressive of the album...it has a really energetic snare pattern, fat bassline, some acid sounds and leads, nice for the night hours J Track 7 “Filthy Lies” returns our mind to the morning time again...it has some percussion, some “scary” melodies (it reminds me of Nightmare on Elm Street), some funny guitar reefs with lots of distortion, just don’t like so much of the vocals. Track 8 is the remix of Intersys of one of my favourite Ultravoice tracks and after listen, I enjoyed, but not so much as the original one...the leads are the same, lots of acid sounds, some atmospheric pads, it’s almost on the same way as the original but in the brake Intersys choosed to put some guitars and I think it was more better without it... For finishing the album, we have the remix of Toxical for “Mind Control”...this one is more psychedelic then the rest of the tracks here, it has some quiet melodies and some acid sounds, with some electro beats too...could be with a bit less noises but its nice track too. In general, I think we have here a really psychedelic album, with tracks for all tastes...all the tracks have a really nice production and lots of power...from the last Israeli released albums, its undoubtedly my favourite. 9/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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