TC Maniak - Hellbent (Sprout, April 2008)

Author: pr0fane
Date: Apr 18, 2008
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D-Nox's label Sprout goes deep and proggy with a new 4-track EP.

Artist: TC Maniak
Title: Hellbent
Label: Sprout
Format: Digital
Released: April 2008


After some techno/tech house-oriented releases, D-Nox's label Sprout Music is back with a more oldschool deep and progressive release featuring Dutch TC Maniak, also known as Pako & Frederik. It's a four-track release, also featuring remixes by Logiztik Sounds and Mauricio Duarte as well as Satelite.

01. TC Maniak - Hellbent (Pako & Frederik Remix) [124 BPM]
First up is what I consider the original tune (even though it's labeled as a Pako & Frederik remix, TC Maniak is one of their sideprojects). Pako & Frederik is a successful duo in the progressive house scene, where they have a ton of releases under their belt in one of the biggest players, Global Underground as well as other well known labels like Morrison and Bedrock. "Hellbent" is a deep and trancey tune with big-room soundscapes constantly surrounding the listener. Not exactly peak-time material, but a wonderful dreamy tune for the first couple of hours of the party, the morning or after-hours.

02. TC Maniak - Hellbent (Pako & Frederik Dub) [124 BPM]
The dub-mix features the same engaging pads and soundscapes as the original, but the bassline is even bit more laidback and groovy than the original. Even more suited for afterparties than the original remix.

03. TC Maniak - Hellbent (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte Remix) [124 BPM]
On the next mix Uruguayan Logiztik Sounds teams up with Mauricio Duarte from Paraguay. Their version is a bit more on the groovy side, with a few more added melodic elements and the original theme being more stripped down and in the background. Generally it doesn't distinguish itself much from the original version though, but is in no way a bad remix either.

04. TC Maniak - Hellbent (Satelite's Engine Dub) [126 BPM]
Truth to be told I have no idea who is behind this last mix, but it sounds very nice. The bass has somewhat the same groove as the original remix, and the theme is the same, although a bit stripped down with some new pads added on top. The most distinct of the four versions.

Bottom line:

This release was somewhat of a surprise for me. In a time where most new releases seem to be either tech, techno or electro house minded for the dancefloor, Sprout went a bit oldschool with a deep and thoughtful, progressive release. You won't find any massive dancefloor tunes here, but instead some nice, mellow mixes - I would personally preferred a bit more variation though, as the mixes are a tad too similar, but generally they are all pleasant to the ears.


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