Patagonia Psy Festival : Flor de Luna

Author: Jowe
Date: Apr 3, 2008
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Review: Cool annual outdoor festival in the south of Argentina


 Every Full Moon we all have the urge to party. This far south the winters are too cold for outdoor festivals, but as soon as its warm enough there is a full moon party every month somwhere in the mountians. For the Lunar Eclipse in February 2008 we had an awesome 3 day festival On a beautiful lake (Lago Puelo) here in the south of Argentina in the middle of the Andes. Flor de luna is an anual event formerly called Moonbow Festival.

This year was better than ever. The line up was made up of local and international djs and live acts. My favirtes were: Heterogenesis (Dark Prisma, ARG), Zybex (CL), & Inference (Iboga, MEX). Every year the music gets a little better and we had a nice 20K line array to pump the dancefloor. The venue was in an enchanted forest and everywhere you looked there were beautiful smiles. You could almost see wings growing from poeples backs. The chillout was a constant variety of live music and performance. I Think next year we will do 7 day festival.

The focus of the fetsival is to create a space to help create a better understanding of each persons role in taking care of Mother Earth, in return for her unconditional love. We separate and recycle everything used at the party and we urge participants to do the same at home.

The scene here in Patagonia has been growing for the last 7 years and is now firmly established. We have good relationship with the chilean psy-tribes and every year they come and participate with rocking djs, slamming live acts and mind blowing decoration.

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