Earthy vibes in New Zealand

Author: Roberdo
Date: Mar 14, 2008
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As the northern hemisphere turns cold, the outdoor psy-trance scene in New Zealand / Aotearoa kicks in...

As the northern hemisphere turns cold, the outdoor psy-trance scene in New Zealand / Aotearoa kicks in. Events planned for this summer (December 2007 to March 2008) reflect the continuing growth and diversity of a unique scene that’s fuelled by the energy, passion and talent of many DJs, VJs, producers, record labels and party organisers throughout the country.


The number of up and coming producers playing live at events within New Zealand is seeing a healthy expansion, and they are well worth checking out if you get the chance. The music is fresh, often crossing many genres, with an earthy vibe and a sense of humour so typical of the kiwis.


All styles of psy are represented, often within the same event, and increasingly other genres are present also, such as breaks, dub and electro. For a country such as New Zealand with a small population of 4,1 million, perhaps the multi genre events are the best way to grow the scene and make it sustainable.

Here’s a brief summary of the main summer events past and present. Luminate ’08, Takaka Hill, South Island. February 7.–11.2008 (psy-trance in all its forms, world grooves, tribal, dub, breaks and live acoustic plus workshops, healing zone, market stalls, movies and sustainable art). Alien Nation, Nelson, South Island. Feb 1.–4.2008. (psy, minimal, progressive all in one zone).

Canaan Downs Festival, Takaka Hill, South Island. 29.12.07–2.1.08 (multi genre, several zones with a good dose of psy). .Psychedelic Retirement Village 3, Nelson, South Island. 31.12.07–2.1.08 (psy, dubstep, jungle, chill-out). Clarity, Great Barrier Island, top of north Island (full-on, house and progressive, small free party).


There are plenty of smaller outdoor and indoor events on offer over the summer months and throughout the year, most regularly in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Golden Bay. There are many other summer festivals too such as Parihaka Peace festival, with a small amount of psy.


Cosmic Conspiracy Records, for a few years the only psy label in New Zealand, now with five successful releases, has been a major player in turning many kiwi trancers on to a minimal, night time, chunky progressive sound, featuring artists from around the globe.


Native Harmonics Records was formed recently, representing a broad spectrum of fresh new psy-trance, dub and breaks from. Whilst Antix and Pitch Black are well known overseas, other acts to look out for include Cosm, Grouch, Psyzaak, Spoonhead, Cusp, Psysquatch, Invader Tron and many, many more. Check out their Myspace pages and you will be impressed. Also A-List records are another new indie label.


It’s an exciting time for the scene In New Zealand, and it’s a scene that we’re almost tempted to keep quiet about so that it keeps its spirit down to earth, open and extended family feel. Psy-trance travellers can rest assured that they are bound to find some special parties, amazing people and a very warm welcome at any time of year. Arohanui.



DJ Maia (Organic Recs/Native Harmonics)
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