Interview with DJ Nicholas

questions for the founder of Magma records

Author: Slater
Date: Oct 14, 2004
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1) When and how your dj carrier started ?

My carrier like a dj started in 1990, playing house music in the clubs. In
1996 I have known for the first time Psychedelic-trance music, so I have
started to play it at first parties in Italy, continuing to diffonde this
music until now.

2) What kind of music can we expect from your dj set?

I play PsyTrance Neo Full-on style, the new style that are a
mix of Full-on and Progressive, very fresh music....all stuff unreleased.

3) Tell us something from the background of your label Magma records...

My work consist to spend my time researching always new artist and new music, collaborating with other label\'s manager, my objective is produce good I do everything to find it!

4) How is the Italian trance scene at the moment?

Trance scene during this year in Italy has grown enough, there are many
parties around, some of them have 1000 people, some other have people like 400. There are more parties during the summer than the winter, between June and September u can find all open airs. More people, more vibe! Since more or less three years international famous artist are coming to play here, more parties makers are interested in them!

5) What about your own project Flashback?

My project Flashbach has started in 2001 when progressive-trance music was in the beginning of its my project style has a progressive beat. I have realized 20 tracks already, but I have released only four of those, two of them in collaboration with other artists : Flashback-People of Destruction(Magma Rec. 2001); Flashback-Tropixx (Magma Rec. 2003); Flashback
vs Golikem-Jungle street (Magma Rec. 2003); Flashback vs Virus-Chemical
Brain (Magma Rec. 2004).....but at the moment I\'m not producing music
because I\'m so busy about the productions with my label, so I have not a time, if I will restart to make music, I\'ll change my beat style!

6) What was your most memorable gig?

I remember the Psycolimpics event in Germany three years ago in the summer when I played for the first time with international artists.

7) Do you have any special plans for the near future?

Yes! Magma records already has in preparation next two product that will be: November, December \"Groovy Manipulation\" compilation, in January 2005 Drugon album, they are two Israelian guys that make a debut!

Current top 10:

1- Protoculture - Dance of the freaky circle (Unreleased)
2- Golikem - The Monkey (Magma Records)
3- Orbital Vision - Psychedelic Experience (Unreleased)
4- Sirius Isness - Electrical (Unreleased)
5- Sub 6 vs Pixel - Teder Beseder (Astrix Rmx) (unreleased)
6- Gataka vs Apocalipse vs Anaphobia - Become one (Unreleased)
7- Protoculture - Wallpapered (Rinkadink Rmx) (Unreleased)
8- Silicon Sound - Pure Reality (Polaris Rmx) (Unreleased)
9- Pixel - Stereo Flip (Black & White Rmx) (Unreleased)
10 - Noga - Precious (Magma Records)

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