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The trance scene in Argentina is evolving

Author: Moksha
Date: Mar 6, 2008
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The Argentinian scene started in 1993 brought by few freaks coming from Goa. At that time psy-trance was kept underground only for a few, and parties where mainly promoted mouth to mouth. It was in 2001 that the parties became more popular, and since then much has happened but yet very little comparing to Brazil. However there’s been an expansion, lots of new DJs and producers have appeared, lots of new fans, and parties of all kind: indoor, outdoor and festivals.

In 2007 we had seen the most of international artists coming over, these events happen mostly in Buenos Aires, and they are still small, normally between 400 and 700 people, the ones that got the biggest crowd were Infected Mushroom (2000) and Goa Gil (2001).

The main producers are Dancing Budhas has has revolutionized the scene during the last two years making over 100 parties, bringing international artists, giving a space to most of local artists, and also doing Namaste, the first psychedelic weekly cycle every Friday, then Psy-X that this year has slowed down a bit but their parties are yet one of the best known, bringing top artists, Raves Parties Corp, Enter-Trance responsable of the ever growing event of Goa Gil and the emerging Under Attack, Lysergic Souls and Acid Party that made a lot of smaller events.

In terms of festivals we had Pangea, Apon Cuyen, Natural Connection, and Mayma, these events usually lasts for 2–4 days and they’re more in touch with nature that is so intense and beautiful in our country. Unfortunately Moonbow Festival got cancelled, and we are expecting to see what is going to happen in 2008.


On the producer side Megalopsy and Frantic Noise remain as the most known having again toured this year in Europe and Mexico, they also run active local label Dark Prisma. Heterogenesis has released their debut album Revoluciones Maquinicas in local label Transition Records and Serpiente de Humo Demo Tape becoming stronger names in the scene, while new producers have emerged like Pandora’s Box and M4nos have been doing a lot of remixes.


As for the DJs, the ones that had been the most busy were Moksha, playing every weekend, and getting lots of fans and new people into the scene and DJs like Murray, Neurona, Pepsan, Pandy, Niko, X-tribe, D-Mension and Fredy also did their part. As for the new and coming up DJ's we had Skyloops, Psyxel, Vishnu, Fethe, Q-Ker, Serz, Pandemonix and Avisman.


Today the Argentinian scene is yet in an evolution, we have lots of parties and good artists and 2008 seems very promising but yet there’s much to be done. Psy-trance is becoming more mainstream but at the same time that gives the space to create smaller and intimate parties among friends. Sometimes there are issues between the ones who want this movement to become bigger and others who are afraid to lose the essence in the process, but yet music is stronger and gets us all together in the dancefloor.








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