PsyNina - Sexy Secret

Album review by Roberdo

Author: Roberdo
Date: Feb 28, 2008
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Psy Nina - Sexy Secret


(PsyTropic Records)
It seems to be a proven fact that women are more emotional then men. This can be watched in many different everyday situations but also when it comes to music. The name of this CD promises some Sexy Secret- this name in combination with the fact that its obviously from a lady named Nina made me kind of excited when I put it into the player…

I love CDs with nice intros. First point for this release for the first track is a pretty short but pretty nice intro. It already gives an pretaste of the very sophisticated musical level of this record. The first Sexy Secret revealed after that is that Nina likes it hard- Full On! The basslines are very clean-produced and absolutely driving, definitely moving asses. After a short while I realize what I already mentioned in the beginning: Its very emotional music. A lot of elaborated melodies create a spacey , always a little melancholic atmosphere. I myself love the choral samples in “Anger In Heaven” for example, creating kind of end-time atmosphere. This is perfectly complemented by a lot of science fiction vocal samples. So the second Sexy Secret we learn is that this lady likes it definitely spaced out. The tracks are pretty variating, reaching from rather minimal, sound fx focoussed tunes to acid drenched, almost a little rave styled tracks. But they are never overloaded or kitschy. Rapidly variating emotions of the different tracks distiguish this CD from a lot of male productions. Sexy Secret no. 3: Variation makes it...

The CD includes a very extensive booklet featuring 4 small essays and 2 poems by Nina. A pretty nice bonus of this album, definitely worth reading. They are not really about Sexy Secrets but more of philosphical and and meditative nature.

Although I am not the biggest Full On freak alive I really like PsyNina´s Sexy Secret. The atmosphere is really psychedelic, blasting you to outer space in this certain moments… And the album offers a pretty huge variation of different tracks. I am looking forward to listen to PsyNina´s tunes on a huge soundsystem with few lights!
Reviewed by Roberdo

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