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Date: Feb 27, 2008
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Electronic Dope Records is an open minded Psytrance, Freestyle(Psy) & Fullon label. Founded march 2006 in Germany - Munich ...

// About EDR ...

Electronic Dope Records is an open minded Psytrance, Freestyle(Psy) & Fullon label. Officaly founded march 2006, but the first ideas and work on the Label started already few years before.

The labels base is located in Germany - Munich and is managed by Rene Nenntwich (Silva) & Lorenz Nenntiwch (Mind D) with a lot of support by their friends Danijel Galir (Liquid 9), Phillip Cepetic (Brainiac) and Raphael Schuman (Mana). Also strongly supported in international ways by EDR-Brasil: DJ Ped (Ground Control) & Pedro (Minerva Project), EDR-Japan: Wayne Jarm, EDR-Thailand: Alex aka Satwah what makes it definately to an international label.

EDR is specially focusing on inovative & qualitative psytrance music, yet may dont release often but it will be something special everytime EDR lets something out, quality goes before quantity. The styles reach mainly from electronic downbeat (freestyle) music over fullon & progressive to melodic psytrance.

The label was originally founded for some of their young artists & producers, in order to get them out of commercial traps & mainstream rules. So they got the chance to reach a real point of their visions, wich they can reflect in their music production. Results of the work are inovative releases & live gigs from Full on projects like Brainiac, Ground Control & Clearness, a very different Debut Album from the Freestyle project Psyknights or psytrance-projects like Neurologic Twist & Psyborgs and many other names & styles from the Artists of this Label, that all over gained more and more succes in the last years, and surely rocked many dancfloors all around the globe.

EDR will always follow this way of creativity and there are more releases and projects planed that will follow.

The webpage (www.ed-records.com) keeps you always informed about any news from the label and gives you further informations about the releases, the artists and their backgrounds. It's possible to book all artists & djs from Electronic Dope Rec.'s roster, contact the label, send demos through the webpage and also to buy the releases directly from the source, in the EDR-Shop. Don't forget to visit EDR @ MySpace: www.myspace.com/electronicdoperecords


// EDR release info ...

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Exlusive distribution by Arabesque Distribution - London, www.arabesque.co.uk

psyknights - a faint light from the depth - edr-cd 001

more information about 'Psyknights - A Faint Light from the Depth' can be found here:


// For licensing, bookings or any other requests ...

E-Mail: info@ed-records.com

MSN: mind-d@gmx.de

Rene Nenntwich
"Electronic Dope Records"
Heimeranstr. 49
80339 München


electronic music is our language


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