Duca – Canadian Visa EP

Tribal Vision Records

Author: Jugge
Date: Nov 15, 2008
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Duca – Canadian Visa EPTribal Vision Records  Track list:

1 – Canadian Visa (Original Mix)
2 – Canadian Visa (Wehbba Rmx)3 – Canadian Visa (Johnson & Haske Rmx)  Review:

Here comes the single “Canadian Visa”, directly extracted from the “After Dark” album by Duca...let’s listen. This track we listen it in the “After Dark” album and like I said on my review, is one of my favourites there...it’s constructed at 126bpms, groovy bassline with an electro touch, lots of rhythm coming from the percussions, some squeaky sounds and noises, the buildup is very progressive and has a really nice construction, definitely it puts our vibe on a good and danceable way. The second one is the remix of Wehbba and is a bit more industrial and hard......it has a fat and strong bassline, some industrial noises coming in and out, the percussions are different but works in a very rhythmic way, well constructed breaks, definitely rocks on the dancefloor. In the third place comes the remix of Johnson & Haske that in my opinion continues on the same techno style but a bit more hypnotic and psychedelic...the bass line is very strong and consistent, there are some delayed sounds and samples that gives a very electrifying and trippy atmosphere, good one.  I think this Ep is a must have for any dj interested in techno/minimal/progressive sounds, I had the opportunity to listen the three tracks in parties till now and definitely each one drives the dancefloor on a crazy and danceable different way.  


Pedro Gaspar aka Jugge


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