Velkro - Prophecy (Sprout, February 2008)

Author: pr0fane
Date: Feb 19, 2008
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Brazilian psychedelic trance ambassadors Marcello VOR (2Hi) and Gabriel Serrasqueiro (Wrecked Machines, Dual Head, Growling Machines and Brain XL) release another EP with their prog/tech/electro house project Velkro.

Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records)

Artist: Velkro
Title: Prophecy
Label: Sprout
Format: MP3/12"
Released: February 2008






Brazilian psychedelic trance ambassadors Marcello VOR, one half of 2Hi, and Gabriel Serrasqueiro, well-known for his involvement in Wrecked Machines, Dual Head, Growling Machines and Brain XL has made quite a stir lately on the prog/tech/electro house scene with their new sideproject Velkro. First came a two track-EP on sprout, of which the track “Warehouse” became somewhat of a Beatport hit, followed by a 3 track EP on Lo Kik, and now they’re ready with a new EP on Sprout. The remix-duty is by Spain-based duo Pig & Dan.

01. Prophecy [126 BPM]
“Prophecy” is a bit of a detour from the tunes I’ve heard from Velkro so far, giving a more psychedelic, outdoor festival friendly vibe, with distinct associations to the bouncy sound of D-Nox & Beckers, meaning positive progressive/electro house crossover. All in all it’s a nice and charming tune with lots of potential for big smiles on a sunny afternoon dancefloor, and a tune I can predict we will hear a lot on the festivals this summer.

02. Prophecy (Pig & Dan Remix) [130 BPM]
The remix is provided by Pig & Dan, which is one of the most successful producer-teams at the moment, for instance with a full-length album released on Sven Väths major label Cocoon last year. Their take on “Prophecy” is deeper and more hypnotic than the original, with a relentless, rolling techno groove and big room sounds. Surely a peak time club tune, which will come in very handy on a big PA played at the right time. Monster.

Bottom line:

Not much more to be said here – if you’re into the positive progressive/electro house sound the original will be a good buy, while Pig & Dans tech interpretation is recommended for the more intense club-moments. Both are good!


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Author: sam / Date: 28.02.2008 19:51:27

Yeah Fuck Velkro is killer mate!

I heard the guys at Universo Paralello at the alternative stage. They fuckin' rocked!

Keep up the good work!

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