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Author: MusicDock
Date: Aug 13, 2004
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New Shop Solution for Labels and Artists to legally offer and sell Music-Downloads.

Date: Aug 13, 2004
Text: MusicDock

Hamburg (ictw) – It was just a question of time. The Internet has a massive impact on the international music business. What has been made responsible for the recession of Labels now unfolds as a new chance for music culture.

While Apples iTunes and other big players successfully started the age of electronic music distribution MusicDock is approaching the subject from a different side. MusicDock enables artists and labels to open an Online Shop on their own Homepage – and by this to be in control of digital music distribution.

MusicDock is not a music portal, but offers distribution technology for digital content as a service. MusicDock is a completely Internet-based shop solution. It’s very easy to create your own shop, upload music, customize the design and integrate it into your website. MusicDock supports all kinds of MP3 formats plus WMA and AAC. The shop is running on the MusicDock servers that also offer the complete payment infrastructure. The best: MusicDock neither charges set-up nor monthly fees. Only when sales occur MusicDock asks for 40% of the revenue, which covers cost of servers, software, bandwidth and payment service fees. The shop owner receives monthly statements and gets his 60% in time with a payment target of 60 days. MusicDock offers the standard credit cards and soon also local payment methods and Paypal.

This creates a system that has the potential to change the music market! In contrast to the usual 6% that an artist gets from the end-customer sales-price of a CD, MusicDock is offering 60%. Also labels can save money, as there are no production expenses for a release (CD and booklet printing, shipping costs, etc.). This makes it possible to sell even very small amounts of a release – immediate and totally independent.

The MusicDock solution can either serve as an extension to existing distribution channels or as an exclusive distribution channel for artists without a label. In any case it develops the relationship between artist/label and music lover. Since he’ll be especially happy to know that the biggest share of his money benefits his favourite artist or label.

MusicDock is designed as an international solution. It supports several languages, currencies and even country-specific sales prices. This enables development of new markets in countries with lower economic standards.

MusicDock is managed by the Germans Wolfgang Kundrus (ex. Chief-Architect of the music production software Cubase and Nuendo) and Thomas Samuel Jankowski (manager of the music portal They are confident that MusicDock will give a fresh impulse to the music market.

Having officially started by August 13, 2004 MusicDock is happy to welcome the first Labels and Artists with their own MusicDock shop:

Press Material can be found at:

Company Contact:
Thomas Samuel Jankowski
Achtern Hollerbusch 34a
22393 Hamburg
Tel. +49 / (0)40 / 3999 1967
Mob. +49 / (0)177 / 6 313 303
Fax +49 / (0)40 / 4111 5915

Press Contact:

Integrative Concepts
Thomas Wendt
Friedensallee 36
22765 Hamburg
+49 / (0)40 398 05 995
+49 / (0)160 967 62 102

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