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Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 13, 2004
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Pedro Gaspar was born in 1981 in Portugal and began his musical career at the age of sixteen, after two years of house parties, when he started to mix house music. That phase had a short duration and after 1 year he went to his first psychedelic trance party, where he discovered a completely new and fantastic world. So, he change is musical style and started to play all the weekends in parties around Portugal, starting too to represent Portugal on - he has worked too to other organizations, namely Quark Agency and Psytropic Records, until he was invited to be part of Crystal Matrix (; by now, he was added to the rooster of Utopia Records (, where he works like a label dj. At this time, he has played at major parties and festivals in Europe, like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Green Trippin Camp Festival in Azores Islands, Full Moon Festival in Germany, Heron Festival in Belgium, Aztlan Eqquinocio Festival in Spain, Gathering of the Tribes Festival in Germany, Space Pirates Revolution Festival in France and Fullmoon Beach Festival on Netherlands,  to name just a few...he has played too several times in parties in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and of course in Portugal, his country J To name some names well known in trance scene that he played with, Vibe Tribe, Phanatic, Bizarre Contact, Space Cat, Ananda Shake, Freedom Fighters, Gms, Ultravoice, Audiotec, Gataka, Stereomatic, Protoculture, Astrix, Talamasca, among many others. You can reach him at, by MSN Messenger ( or by


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