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Author: Gerardo Barrios
Date: Jul 29, 2004
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Date: July 29, 2004
Text: Gerardo Barrios

Name: Gerardo Barrios aka Dj Prophet

Music Styles: full on psychedelic trance & chill out (psy-ambient, dub and reggae).

Groups involved with: Psychedelic Nomads (Costa Rica), Transelastica (Costa Rica) and Chaishop (Germany).

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1980. Got involved in music in his early teen years as soon as his parents let him have an electric guitar, which was then followed by drums, being totally in love with mostly heavy industrial metal sounds with electronic aspects such as Killing Joke, Ministry, Nail Bomb, God Flesh, and others…
After a couple of years buying records, playing in a couple of bands, and discovering new sounds, he was introduced to techno and electronic music at his first party in spring ‘95 motivated by friends that had lived in Europe and experienced dancing non stop at this new sound. This is when his music taste twisted around and he saw a whole new future concerning music production and the dj concept. He started learning and working at a disco-mobile as a popular music dj, playing at small parties to try to get experience and earn some money so he can buy equipment and be more involved with the totally new electronic scene growing up at that point in his country.
In the late 96’ for the first time he experienced a little trance party in Montezuma beach, Costa Rica, done by a couple of good Italian buddies, dj Ali and dj Geno that from then on made him get in to the trance sound, totally concentrated in collecting this new music and playing it for his people, becoming the first psychedelic trance dj of his country.
Got to produce and play in several parties in Costa Rica for a couple of years with the help and motivation of all his friends and family, to support the little current local trance scene and make it grow. For the new millennium this open connections internationally on South America, having the opportunity of traveling and playing for a different crowd in big festivals with well known names that claim international fame. This all lead him to start working as one of the Chaishop representatives around the world along with one of his mates Robert Brealey, taking care of the Costa Rica section in and supporting the local trance scene internationally with more parties and activism in and out of the country, organizing, promoting, playing and having lots of fun.
Actually he is still working with Chaishop and recently decided to move to Europe for some time, based in Copenhagen, Denmark looking forward to start producing music and becoming closer to the Europe Trance Family.

For further contact u can reach him at:

Home: 33222389
Mob: 21782521
Costa Rica (
Home:(506) 224-7851

Love and Light!

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