Aximy Records / Mexican Label

Progressive Trance from Mexico

Author: Vazik
Date: Jul 19, 2004
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Aximy rec begins in 2001 as a virtual shop of specialized music in trance
3 years later making a big effort aximy releases its first compilation named \"Irreversible\" with the most representatives national artists of the mexican trance. The objective of aximy is to promote mainly the Mexican trance always showing things of quality

1. Odiseo - Chicago Nights -This is the solo proyect of Ulises, member of Xibalba. He has released some tracks for Yellow Sunshine Explotion Records.

2. Electrodomestico - La Otra Face - Side Proyect of \'Ojos\' of Trancemission, he has performed in Spain, France and Italy.

3. Xibalba - Contactados - One of the most important Trance projects in México, they have released tracks on Solarsiv Records and will perform live in Germany at the Tshitraka Project 2004 Open Air Festival.

4. Forza - Playa - Progressive Trance at its best from this new Mexican talent.

5. H20 - No le toque

6. H20 - Fuzzy - This proyect is formed by Ojos, Hamelin and Gandulk, in colaboration to create a new and powerfull style, diferent from their other proyects.

7. Astral Theorem - Beta Test - This duo is formed by Hoffman and Beto, testing the dancefloors with their high tech morning trance.

8. Trancemission - Gand Beats - Ojos and Gandulk have been taking their groovie style to every part of México.

9. Hamelin vs Ojos - Hidrochillido - This tracks ends the album with a very killer chill out.

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