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Author: PHI
Date: Jul 14, 2004
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Phi is Tokyo born and bred Shuji Ichimura and Shinnosuke Masuo. Since he was 14, Shuji has played in a variety of punk and hardcore bands, even releasing a few CDs on Japanese labels. In spring 1999, Shuji met the techno-loving Shinnosuke. Together they started a graphic design studio in the funky Shibuya district of Tokyo, and in 2001 they found themselves addicted to the Japanese outdoor rave scene, where they developed their passion for psychedelic trance.

In the middle of 2001 Shinnosuke moved to Australia for a one year working holiday. Here he had a lot of free time to create music whilst also experiencing the Australian party scene.
Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, Shuji was learning more and more about trance, especially after a friend recently returned from Amsterdam moved in with him and gave him the low down on the European scene.

After Shinnosuke returned to Tokyo in autumn 2002, they transformed their Shibuya design space into a music studio and Phi was born. Since forming they have been playing regularly at indoor and outdoor events in and around Tokyo and in summer 2003 played at parties on Yoron Island (near Okinawa Island, Japan) and in Koh Pangan, Thailand.

The power of Phi’s sound comes from their live experience. The live set from Phi is entirely live, inspired by Shuji’s experiences in aggressive rock bands. Having already stunned Japanese audiences with this dynamic sound, Phi will be touring Europe during the summer of 2004, playing at parties and festivals alongside the likes of Astrix, Azax Syndrome, GMS, Audiolize, and many others.

Phi breaks the general concept of computer music and creates a dynamic, progressive, and original sound full of live energy. Their debut album will move them ahead to next level and will have a devastating effect on dance floors.

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