FULLmoON-Festival 2004

PsyTrance goes professional - Review & Photos

Author: Sam
Date: Jul 6, 2004
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July 6, 2004 - Text: Sam - Photos by:
Alexander Wagner (night), Sam (day)

Five days and five nights of Germany’s new deluxe Full-On Festival just happened with an amazingly international crowd of more than 6000 people. This party was a success in many ways and it was organised stunningly professional that even old “Goa-Gurus” were surprised. How can a festival become so successful in two years? This article is trying to give some answers.

Appearing out of nowhere the group of people behind Fullmoon (lead by Chriss & Schippe) made many people smile when they introduced their first Fullmoon-Festival concept in 2002. “It won’t work” was a common opinion to the big scale festival that was scheduled to happen within the week (a concept not known in Germany until then). The result of the first Fullmoon seemed to proove the doubts of the critics: Less than 1000 showed up to the festival that was covered in rain! While the feedback from the crowd on the festival was good nobody expected the organisers to give another try after this financial desaster. But they did and were rewarded in 2003 with tropical weather and about 5000 visitors! What many didn’t know is that the organisers have long-time event experience from outside the trance scene and know how to “build up” an event of big scale.

In 2004 they further expanded the Lineup and came up with a profile that massive that it surely ranges within the five greatest lineups that ever happened in the Trance-World. Obviously Lineups still work. At least if you present the biggest one. The top Israeli artists appeared nearly completely (Infected Mushroom, Yahel, Astrix, Skazi, Alien Project, etc.) and were supported by some of the greatest psychedelic alchemists from the rest of the world (GMS, Space Tribe, Orion, Wrecked Machines, etc.). The language anyhow was 100% Psychedelic Trance. For about 100 hours the nonstop BumBumBum hammered into your body and mind and it was nearly impossible to escape. Due to the flat area the sound easily reached even the most distanced edge of the location and the location itself was surrounded by a water canal. If you wanted to hear something else your only chance was to visit the “progressive floor” that was supposed to be the Chill-Out.

Still I’m amazed how interesting this overdose of PsyTrance can be. Due to the high quality of the artists the psychedelic music scale was explored “full-on”. It looked like most artists really tried not to play standards but special tracks that not too many others might play. Compared to some parties in Brasil, where you easily hear the hits five times a party or more, I was very pleased with the music.

The 100% Full-on concept (as stressy as it might be) is one of the main reasons of Fullmoon’s success. Germany has seen about four years of Anti-Full-On-Music. Full-On was a swear-word. Only for the past two years this changes again. Fullmoon Festival started exactly at the time that the Fullon-Revival started – and thus they rode on the psychedelic wave participating in it’s success.

Another main reason is the setting within the week. Funnily this never was a strategy but just an incident that happened this the date of the Fullmoon in the first Year. The week-setting gives the Fullmoon a special character: It keeps the “main-stream” weekened party-people away and only attract freaks that are crazy for trance culture. It’s a bit like choosing a far-out location.

Last but not least surely also the professional organisation speaks for Fullmoon. Everything seems to work perfectly: Trash Collection, Sound-System, Timetable, Advertising, Entry, etc.. In some ways even standards were put to a new level. The professional background of the organisers is clearly visible and should make other party organisers think about their working standards!

Some people might complain that the Fullmoon would be “too professional”. I.e. paying for toilets was sort of standard as the free toilets were so few that they looked more like an alibi to say “But we had free toilets!”. The cold free showers barely worked and a foot-mud-massage was included. If you were caught without a bracelet you were supposed to pay a 45 EUR penalty and be thrown out. If you wanted to return to the festival an additional 45 EUR were asked. While many will complain about this one, I’d say “Why not”. Not nessessarily the paying guests need to pay for the fare dodgers. Another thing is the “less is more” strategy. For five days the offers for the visitor was basically to visit the dancefloor, dance on the dancefloor and to walk around the dancefloor. No workshops, kids area, performances, lectures, playgrounds or other things for alternative activity. I even got a bit bored sometimes...

After all Fullmoon was without any doubt one of the highlights of this Years Festivals. Most visitors had a brilliant time with mindblowing experiences, making friends, dancing their head off and reinventing partying! For many it will be their premier event in 2004 – due to the great atmosphere and the long duration. I’m showing big respect to the organisers and look forward for the next Year! PsyTrance in Germany at it’s best!


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