NYE party in Krabi

Author: Stephan
Date: Jun 3, 2004
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Good News from Thailand!

At NYE 2004/2005 a 30h PsyTrance party called „Green Spirit“ will happen settled in the wonderful nature of Krabi in Ao Nang, Thailand.

Top Psy Pilots will be there:
Live: Space Buddha & Beathackers (Agitato), Thujon (Agitato)
Dj’s: Scotty (VooV Experience), Sabaii Sabaii (SpiritZone), Dj Suryia (Araiwa Production), Dj Nitrox (Wanna’s Tribe), Dj Psyfrog (Dream Mushroom), Dj Naikido (Deep Lumina), Dj Aurel and Sanuk (psychonauticmindlab),

Besides of free camping the party will be equiped with bars, shops, food, rest rooms and first aid.

Krabi is one of the greatest surroundings in Thailand with wonderful beaches and stunning nature. „Greenspirit“ is organised by Stephan from Switzerland who began his life in Krabi 17 years ago with a raft bar and today runs the resort „Wannasplace“ together with his wife Wanna. After endless talks with the Thai authorities they finally arranged an official allowance to do an open air party. Normal for Thailand is a closing time of 2h in the morning with the exceptions of full-moon and black-moon parties. But for Greenspirit an allowance is present for a 30h party!

The event is well organised and well connected with the local Thai psy scene so you can expect unforgetable moments! This party also carries the hope to show the local authorities of the positive sides of the trance scene since they usually connect electronic music with cheap techno, drugs and red light district dancing. „Greenspirit“ is applying to the source idea of dance – the unifying ritual under stars approaching the sunrise. Let’s use this chance and have a festival of love! Thai Style Unity in dance with Love light n bliss for some!

Krabi is placed in the south of Thailand and is well known by his „James Bond“ rocks, vast beaches and it’s underwater paradise. From Bangkok you take the only south route of the Thai railway until Suratthani and continue by Bus to Ao Nang.
Since a short while Krabi has it’s own Airport and can easily be reached from Bangkok or Singapur.
Everything is readily available and the costs of living is very low. It’s only a short travel to Koh Phangan where the famous Full Moon and Black Moon parties are still happening. Family always around!

Who’s never been to Krabi or Thailand should check out if he wants to party NYE 2004/2005 in Paradise. Ideal prerequisites for a spiritual trance experience.

More information can be found at:

everything about Koh Phangan

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