DJ Slater (Tribal Vision Records, Czech Rep.)


Author: Chaishop
Date: Mar 26, 2004
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Dj Slater (Tribal Vision Rec. /, Czech Rep.)

Michal Smetana aka Slater is label manager and dj representative of progressive psytrance label “Tribal Vision Records“ based in Prague. Since 1999 has been playing at plenty of Czech as well as international parties and festivals (including a number of gigs in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Chile, Portugal...).
From time to time he is performing together with live instruments, such as drums/percussions (with members of “U-Prag“ band) or flute/vocals (as chill-out project “Windfall“).

Besides that, he is co-organizing trance events in the Czech Republic (usually with international guests) and works as editor of music server and Czech national trance portal .

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