Beat Bizzarre in Review


Author: Slater
Date: Feb 20, 2004
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Beat Bizarre is the Danish project formed by René Nielsen (33 years old, also Loopis project) and Martin Spanner Zimmermann (32 years, also Martian, Audiopile and Decoy). After a huge success of their debut „Lewd“, their second album is going to be released in March.

* Slater: When did you start making psytrance music? How did it happen?

René: I started to listen to minimal teckno in early 90 and then I bought my first sampler in 92 and from that till today it was up and down until I meet martin In 96 and we started the Beat Bizarre project.

* Slater: Do you have any musical education?

René: I have no musical education but I just started doing piano lessons never get too learn.
Martin: No, not really, but I have been playing music all my life in different bands and so on.

* Slater: What can you tell us about your forthcoming album?

Beat Bizarre: The album is called Pandoras groovebox and it_s being released on Iboga Records. We have been working on it a couple of years…on and off....but we decided to go for on realesed stuff instead of reusing prior releases….exept one track.

* Slater: How is the new album different from your debut?

Beat Bizarre: The sound is a litlle more \"full on\" than the first album, but still groovy. I hope that we still have our own sound. It`s a wide range off different styles.

* Slater: What gear do you use for music creation?

Beat Bizarre: We use mostly the computer..Cubase is Seq source ..and then we use a lot of softsynth/plug-ins.
René: I use also the akai s favourite tule..Martin is more on the PC.

* Slater: And what gear do you use live on stage?

Beat Bizarre: Live we have a custom build rack mount PC and we use some external synths and of course Ableton live. We are trying to develop the live..every time we play.

* Slater: What are your favourite psytrance/progressive projects?

Beat Bizarre: Don_t really have any favourite artists as long as its groovy and good for dancing.

* Slater: What about any other kind of music?

René: I listen to practicly every style of music..but I\'m having a trance period in my life listening to it at home every day.

Martin: I love almost all types of music there is, but at the moment I have a pop period...

* Slater: Spice Girls and so on? :)

Martin: Sure, and Robbie Williams and so on…

* Slater: What was your most memorable gig so far? Where have you been playing recently?

Beat Bizarre: The most memorable gig was no doubt Voov Experince 10`th anniversary,,,, recently we played in Zurich NYE and we have a lot of bookings in the near future.

* Slater: Are you planning any tour to present your new album?

Beat Bizarre: Hmm.. We are talking with our booker about it....we are going to Mexico for 2 weeks in the easter..but I think the plans will be more specific when the album is released.

* Slater: How is the psychedelic scene in Denmark? I mean projects, parties, people…

Beat Bizarre: There is a lot of music coming out of Copenhagen. There are bands still waiting to release on Iboga it looks really good .. there_s not really that many parties that we go to in DK, but we hope that the summer will bring some good events.

* Slater: What do you think about the evolution of psytrance music in last few years?

Martin: I think that there have been too much \"progressive\" interest in the last couple of years, meaning that there was really no room for the sound inbetween \"full on\" and \"pro\"...

René: I really think that the music is getting closer to what I like...but i would like the \"pro\"..and the psy full on to melt into one organic jellyfish with a lot of funky elements…. but there has been some really strong releases like Antix and Phony.

* Slater: What is your opinion about the mp3 phenomenon?

Beat Bizarre: We think it SUCKS that people don_t respect the labels and the artist by BUYING the music instead of stealing it... it also kills the alternative music scene everywhere..but of course it can also make a request...for artist..but the labels have to come up with a Iboga ..they are starting up a homepage where you will be able to download music..paying a small amount…its in the future…we will let you know when it is running.

* Slater: What are you doing besides music making? Your job? Or are you able to survive just from the music creation?

René: I\'m studying full time...and I will go to business school next year..I want to have my own little business. And then I\'m married..full time...with a mexican women...I met on a tour.

Martin: I`m only doing music at the moment, but I`m trying to get in to a producer school, but it`s hard work and really tuff.

* Slater: Do you have any special plans for the future?

René: I think that we will try to work a little on seperate projects....but you never know what will happen in the future..and I\'m hoping to work more in the studio with other musicians..I\'m working on a track with Jeppe from Phony Orphants..soon to be finished.

Martin: I`m trying to put a solo album together (Martian) and I`m also working with different people in the studio, a litlle hip hop and some pop and so on....

Beat Bizarre: And of couse we are gonna travel the world.

* Slater: Thank you very much for your time.

Beat Bizarre: Thank you, we hope that people will like our new album.

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