Who is Mental Arts?

Cologne / Germany

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2003
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Who is Mental Arts?

Cologne / Germany

Name of company / motherlabel:
Mental Arts - Records, Media & Metaprogramming

Ambient-Dub & Progressive-Trance & basically anything hypnotic

Location (where're you located?):

Labelconcept and -philosophy:
We generate goodness.
Mental Arts is dedicated to pronoia.
We want to prove the power of sheer positive thinking and promote the idea of a freeminder approach. We express the believe in the creative power of crossover, the mutation and bastardisation of styles, races and ideas. Mental Arts Records is supported by E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office)

Number of releases up to now:
5 so far, the next 2 coming in 2-3 month

Copies per release (Vinyl / CD):
min. 1000

Milestones - releases you consider to be milestones in the labelhistory:

Free text about you or your project (if you want)...
Mental Arts is founded by Dj Joyrider who before was involved in Polytox Rec. as A&R Manager. It's meant to be a platform for positive subliminal messages to the galactic society. We want to transform the apocalyptic metaprogramm the world is currently ensnared into a more constructive one. We're willing to use all necessary technics of guerilla marketing, viral propaganda and a variety of different psycho manipulations to reach our disciples.

Where do you want to go?
Find or found a ecovillage to escape the society collapse we will likely see in the next 20 years.

What do you do on that way?
Try to influence and illuminate as many people to focus their resources on a more sustaining life. Help humanity to survive the next 1000 years.

Try to describe your music or art:
Getting deeper, and deeper, and deeper

The best thing you did in your life?
To start to think for myself!

What will you do next? any plans?
Release more Compilations & Artist-Albums. Make a DVD project with really spaced-out hypnografix. Next year we'll organize a "Cybertribe-Festival" where we'll try expand the technical possibilities of a party to a kind of openair holodeck.

What annoys you / inspire you?
The stupidity of egocentric thinking in a global village/ the tantric, transforming power of sexuality, entheogens & trance

Your sense of life?
To learn more about life, to understand oneself and others. Develop more compassion and generate goodness.

Booking contact?

Your e-mail address?

your website?

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