New Label from Italy

Fabularecords with Loopus in fabula "Astrofunk"

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Date: Dec 18, 2003
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New Label from Italy

Fabularecords with Loopus in fabula "Astrofunk"

Loopus in Fabula is the project of Matteo Stroppa and Jacopo Barbaccia, from Milano, Italy. They have been making music for almost 10 years now, starting with an electrojazz background (Matteo played sax, Jacopo keyboard) and then moving towards trance around 1998. Ever since they started, they developed a unique groovy and twisted music style with a funky flavour which attracted the attention of djs and psytrance lovers. They released tracks on various labels from all over the world: Digital Psionics (AUS), Surreal Audio (FIN), ZMA (GRE), Flow (POR), Exogenic (FIN), Resonoise (UK), Devic Craft (GRE), Candyflip (GRE) and their first album was released by the Australian label, Demon Tea Records (2002).

Their second and long awaited new album "Astrofunk", includes some totally fresh tracks together with some unreleased tunes which received a great feedback during their world tour in Japan, Mexico, Australia, Israel, UK, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Russia.

Characteristic of the Loopus music, the album is a complete journey with great diversity and blending of different music styles in unique fashion that will leave no listener untouched. The journey starts off with an irresistible funky classic "i can't wait": wah guitars and James Brown grooves ... passing through to an ironic funky goa cliche ("old vibes, new money?") until it reaches the full-on morning climax with "thx (decoder mix)".. then another general favorite morning tune follows to chill out the energy, "telekinetic hammo player" is extra groovy and hammond organ dominated... the trip goes on driving deeply into a darker side of the loopus world: "papoola" is more minimal and techno-orientated bringing forward dark and cold astral images. "Bombay night" as the title says is a journey into a long indian night: full of etnical suggestions and a crazy finale, urban and hip hop all blending superbly together.. with a deeper and darker mood we embark onto the "barrel of gain" track, a full-on punkrock 80's track with hidden secret samples from depeche mode (don't tell them!)..."makelovenotwar" is loopus evergreen motto for the new millenium and finally "funkytown 2003" is the new mix of the infamous track that already shaked the psytrance global dancefloors with a breeze of funky joy, and yes is even more groovy and danceable !!


1. I can't wait
2. Old vibes, new money?
3. THX (decoder mix)
4. Telekinetic hammo player
5. Papoola
6. Bombay nights
7. Barrel of gain
8. Makelovenotwar
9. Funkytown 2003
------------------------- Total Time 75':23''

Astrofunk will be released in September 2003 by the new italian label "fabularecords", and will be distributed by Wirikuta

You can preview the album in real audio and mp3 on (section : music)

If you want further info or if you want to apply for a promo copy please contact:
via p.castaldi 29,
20124 milano
Tel +39 02 29409397

distributed by wirikuta

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