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Date: Dec 1, 2003
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Doof is a friends label, we all make music & release it for our soul.

Doof records is a new Israeli record label, which has its roots deep in the underground scene of Israeli psychedelic trance. the initiators of this label are UV and ZIRKIN whom 7 years ago, after tasting the taste of true psychedelia in their travels, began organizing underground open air Parties. Together with other good friends they played their music to a growing tribe of happy People, who followed them to locations deep in the israeli desert.

Encouraged by the good vibe, they soon founded together with their friends Barkash and Ron-tal a non-profit organization named the DOOF PROJECT. Under this name they stared a line of low cost psychedelic trance parties, decorated by Wild nature, and desert sunrise, to suit their music.

Meanwhile Zirkin began developing his own musical career as a d.j and creator. His high dose acid sets gained him recognition and he began playing in parties and festivals around the world, ranging from underground free parties to the ìvoov festivalî where he played a set with d.j troy from F.O.L.

2001 he released his first album under ìU S TA ì records. His music is highly influenced by the warm bass of Israeli desert, combined with the steel-cold sound of the European techno trance.
This European connection is based in Holland, where uv and zirkin spent many hours playing and making music in the studios of F.O.L, Jocid and Bonky.

The doof people, together with the Dutch crew played in places like ìNatraj Templeî, the ìSummer Danceî and ìthe phase of Kaliî. Always coming home to the desert to play with old friends. As a natural evolution of the doof project and with all the friends made along the years,
Doof records was born, releasing the sounds and colors of a set free imagination.

The first release of doof records is Bonky, a full on psychedelic album, created by Onno Borgen from Amsterdam. This album came out earlier this year and put doof records on the map!! It was played this year in most respectable parties around the world and in quite a few that were not respectable...

Following this album Doof records released a compilation gathering new tracks from all our close friends. We called the compilation Acid Test, and that's exactly what it is. Trippppy Acid test established the Doof sound and encouraged us to produce a second compilation, Triund. This full on cd was cooked in the studios of the Doof artists in the last few months, and is loaded with acid sound to take you through the summer. At the moment we are working on the production of two albums. One from the Kopsses trio, which released two smashing tracks on AcidTest and Triund, presenting a unique and original sound. And a first solo album for Jocid Formerly a member of Fungus Of Light, and now stirring and twisting sounds in his own studio in Amsterdam. So get ready to fly.

We in the Doof family believe in working together for a common cause. We collaborate with many people, party organizations and trance labels to promote trance culture everywhere. In the last few years there was always a good vibe and full support from ìU S T Aî (krembo rec) and all of us were working together to make the trance scene in Israel as big as we could, some times with lots of problems involving the police.

We had a hard time making our open air parties, with the threat of closing them by the police, which didn't want the party scene to growÖ in their opinion, these parties were only about taking drugs and involved people with no values. After many attempts to collaborate with the authorities and convince them that we have a legitimate right to party and be happy, we understood that the only way to make this work is to go deep underground. Luckily, the party people kept making open air parties and lately we have the feeling that the police is backing offÖ we just hope it keeps this way.

Label concept & philosophy?
Doof is a friends label, we all make music & release it for our soul.

Number of releases up to now:
8 CDs and three new ones already standing in lineÖ

copies per release:

best selling release:

Release you consider to be milestones:
We don't count stones, we make music.

Who are the people behind the doof?
Doof records was started by uv and zirkin, who are best friends since the age of 11. Back at the time when Hendrix and the doors were the best acid around, uv and zirkin started Dj'ing and organizing rock parties. After traveling the world for a while, both discovered electronic music and set their mind on doing something about it. After living together some time in Amsterdam and gathering up gear, vinyls and some tapes they headed back to Israel with a party in their mind. Time passed and together with two good friends, Barkash and Rontal The doof project party organization was born. Today, uv and zirkin are managing the label and in the spare time, uv is doing his PhD in nano-technology, and zirkin is developing his musical career as well as doing the graphics for the label.

Describe your project / music:
The doof project was born in 1996 as an underground party organization, making low-cost psychedelic trance parties in the Israeli deserts and forests. The vibe and spirit of the good old days still live in the doof parties and we still make a few free parties every year. Unfortunately, all this is not a good way to make money, but it keeps our hearts full. In the middle of 2001 after 5 years of partying, we realized that all the fantastic music our friends and we make is only heard by a few hundreds of crazy trippers coming to our parties. We decided its time to share our music with the rest of the world, and opened Doof records. Our label has two guidelines: 1) we release only music we like; and 2) all profits are shared equally with the artists. Again, this is not a good way to get rich, but it's the best way to stay happy.

Artist pool:
Bonky, R.I.P, we miss you mate.
Zirkin, Fungus Of Light, Troy, Kopsses, Split, Parma-Steelista, Zion, Mechanix, UV, @mir, Dark doors, Borg, U-reckon and some more


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